The Station, Maginhawa: Top Dawgs

Seeing this so reminded me of the times when I relied on hotdogs for survival when I was in the states. Hahaha. Akala ko lahat ng pwedeng gawin sa hotdog na recipe e natikman ko na, hindi pa pala. 

Top Dawgs

World's Baddest Hotdogs

'cause why not? 

I'm sorry, World's Baddest Dog. Masyado ko na-excite sa pa-torch ni Kuya sa'yo kaya blurred 'yung picture. 


Parmesan, Mozarella, Cheddar Cheese


P 150.00

Pesto, tomato, pizza sauce, mozzarella, cheese

Ito talaga 'yun eh.

I don't know. There must be something about pesto that I'll have it with anything.  Although the idea of combining pesto and hotdog before, this worked. I love the uniqueness of them using charcoal bun instead of the usual bun and them torching the hotdogs right in front of you. 

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