Philippines' Lake Tahoe in White Beach, Dingalan, Aurora

After writing about Subic and Batangas, which beaches, didn't made the cut to my list of must-visit beaches, I am reminded of Aurora's White Beach resort that I haven't posted about yet. 

This area is more well-known as the jumpoff point (where the trek starts) of the Batanes of the East. Before trekking back to our cottage, we decided to swim first in White Beach. 

This place is also one of the recommended places where you can spend the night but we chose the cottage/transient house near the feeder port because it was cheaper.

Hope the contact number is readable. 

You can reach the place through trekking which will take about an hour and through some boulders at some part. It's a little bit hard but take your time because the walk is very scenic. 

 Or, you can also ride a boat from the feeder port which will only take 15-20 minutes. 

The rain was hard that time but it didn't stop us from renting a kayak. We didn't stay far from the shore anyway so it felt safe. 

While on the kayak, I told my friend that the place reminded me of a beach in Lake Tahoe, California called Lester Beach. Link: here. 

At some part of the water, corals and rocks below are visible which is what Lake Tahoe is famous for. It's known as one of the clearest body of water in the world.

But more importantly, because it's also surrounded by a mountain range that's why it kinda looked like Lester Beach. 

Above is a panoramic view of Lester beach, a part of the Lake Tahoe Park in Nevada/California.

 Above is your view when you're sitting at the shore. The rain was also in our favor because it wasn't hot all throughout our swim. Still have feet tanlines nonetheless. 

Above is also taken at Lester Beach, below from white beach

Although there is a notable difference between the two said places, there really are a lot of similarities.

The comfort and relaxation of having a beach with a mountain range as a background.

And not having "to share" the place with a lot of people. Since Dingalan is famous for the mountain view, their beaches are not paid much attention to. 

When the rain stopped, we trekked back to the cottage walking through a very scenic coastline.

Batanes of the East link: here.

Lester Beach in Lake Tahoe link: here.

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