Yes, Bayantel Wifi?!

I haven't been blogging for a while now.

And while I a not really posting a lot of stuff the past few months, posting these days have become a bit more challenging because BAYANTEL'S WIFI IS ACTING UP AND OF ALL WEBSITES THAT I CAN'T ACCESS IN MY LAPTOP, I HAVE BEEN HAVING TROUBLES ACCESSING --- MINE. M-I-N-E. XTINTINA.COM. Which is so weird because it's only the website (that I currently know of) that I am having troubles accessing... good job kayo dyan, Bayantel!

I would try to post and an error message saying that there are troubles with publishing my post would appear and that's because of the unstable internet connection... why?!

I've been frustrated that I tweeted them (globe) and I found out that a lot of other customers share the same frustration too. Changing service isn't possible as of the moment since we need the landline so we have to bare with the slow and intermittent internet but huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu


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