Seoul, South Korea: The Lone Tree at Olympic Park

If you have a half day or a whole day to spend just leisurely walking at a park, I suggest that you try searching more about Olympic Park - it easily became my favorite park in Seoul because there are a lot of things to do and places to see here. 

Above is the lone tree <3

I don't know but I was so excited to see this tree in person. lol. Dinayo ko pa talaga siya sa Korea. Hahaha! 

I knew that the Lone Tree is in Olympic Park. The thing I didn't know was that Olympic Park was huge that we'll be walking and hiking a lot just to get to the tree. 

Above is the location of the rose garden. No rose for my visit 'cause it was still winter. 

This is a concert area where a lot of concerts are being held. Obviously. haha!

We didn't expect that the park will be this huge 'cause it looked small in the map but I think we spent an hour walking around the hilly part trying to locate the tree. 

Once in a while, you'll see maps like this to guide you around all the must-see places in the park. Notice how far we were from the tree and we've already walked a lot when I took this photo. 

I have no complains though 'cause this are what I always want to do. This Seoul trip was nice 'cause we spend a lot of time walking along trails even if we were experiencing freezing weather. 

The thing with winter travel when it's not snowing is that days can get sunny yet the temperature is in a negative centigrade. I think the hottest weather that we experienced back then was 4 degrees and that was only an hour long while the coldest was -12 degrees (while waiting for Lee Min Ho)

I haven't posted it but we walked along the Namsan Trail and Naksan Trail as well. 

While I appreciate the busyness and the stores of Myeongdong and other tourist places in Seoul, areas with no people like this in Olympic Park is what I always look forward to visiting. 

We had to wait for several minutes until the other people taking photos are done with their "photoshoot" 'cause we wanted to be alone with the lone tree. I think the best time to go here is early in the morning.


I first saw this place in 2 days, 1 night... how I miss watching that show... it's been a month since the last episode. Haaay. </3 everytime it crosses my mind, my heart breaks for the members and staffs. </3


I don't have decent winter clothes despite being in Korea for the past two winters. hahahaha! Above, I was wearing 5 layers of clothing with one heat-tech and it was still freezing. Tiis lang talaga. :))

Okay so if your priority is the Lone Tree, it will be better to ride the subway until Mongchontoseong Station... Olympic Park station can be misleading since you have to walk for a long time just to get on this side. 


If I'll be able to come back to Seoul during another season, I think I'll be allotting more time exploring this area of Seoul. I want to see all the tourist attractions that are identified in the park map and hopefully watch a concert there as well... Yes, EXO? hahaha! 

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