Japan 2019: Uobei Sushi in Yodobashi Hakata, Fukuoka

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

Japan trip wouldn't be complete without eating sashimi and sushi, of course. On our last day, we were looking for an eat-all-you-can restaurant but we weren't able to find one so we ate our then last meal in Japan here in Uobei. 

I love Genki Sushi here in the Philippines so upon knowing that they are under the same company, I didn't have hesitation and we immediately got our number. 

Compared to the table seating arrangement here in PH, the one in Japan is on the counter so the order tablet is also per person. Not bad. 

WHAT I LIKED THE MOST IS THAT MOST OF THE PLATES WERE ONLY 108 YEN EACH. Half the price of those being served here... for 1,000 Yen it felt as though we also ate at an eat-all-you-can. 

SALMON for only 108 Yen. Huhuhu! 

I wanted to eat more but I was too full already after eating nine plates of sushi. Weakshit?? hahaha!

Because I've already tried eating here in Uobei, Genki Sushi will never be the same!!!! Ang mahal dito but it's my go-to place whenever I'm craving for salmon sashimi. <3

From Hakata Station, transfer to Yodobashi Building and the food court where Uobei is on the fourth floor. Very easy to locate. 

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