Japan 2019: Bus Travel from Beppu to Yufuin, Northern Kyushu, Japan

Sea Hell (Umi Jigoku)

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From the Sea Hell, we walked back to the bus station and were thinking of riding the bus back to the Beppu JR station and from there take the train to Yufuin. 

However, taking the time into consideration we decided to just wait for the bus that will take us directly to Yufuin rather than doing our original plan. 

In all fairness to Japan, if money is not an option, travelling there is very convenient since there's a bus stop and a train station near all tourist spots. Japan is wide but it is well-connected which you'll appreciate especially if the places you're thinking of going are far from each other. 

Not even once did I buy something from the vending machine. ahahaha! Budget travel is bringing your own water with you so you wouldn't need to buy. hahaha! Kk. Not bad. Kung nakaabot naman na ng Japan kaka-budget eh. 

If we had more time and money, riding the Beppu ropeway would've been a great idea. lol. haha! 

It was, once again, a very scenic ride... or probably because we were passing through mountain ranges. <3 

After about an hour, we reached Yufuin. 

The bus ride from Beppu to Yufuin was 900 Yen. Taking the bus+JR train was cheaper but we couldn't afford to get lost or spend more time waiting since we were running out of time.. we figured 900 is a good deal. The view was nice afterall. 

You can barely see people outside since all were walking along the alleys leading to the Yufuin English Village. It is the most congested place out of all the places we visited while in Japan. 

This place was the reason why we wanted to start early... we wanted to take photos here with no people in the background but it was around3 PM when we arrived so it was obviously impossible. :))

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