Japan 2019: The Life Hostel and Bar Lounge, Fukuoka, Japan Review

We reached The Life Hostel and Bar Lounge by walking from Hakata Bus Terminal. It's supposed to be a short walk but we ended up taking the longer route which was passing through the alleys in order to get to the hotel. haha! The easiest way is to walk to Hakata Station and cross the road, doing this, you'll just be walking straight along the main road to get to the hostel. 

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The main driver for booking this accommodation is its price and location. It's near a mall, train stations, restaurants, shops, tourist spots. We figured that transportation is one of our biggest expense when travelling around Fukuoka so the best thing to do is situate ourselves in the middle of everything so we can just walk instead of riding the bus or the subway... it was spring that time anyway. Spring with its very pleasant weather to walk around. 

There was a small wedding going on when we arrived so it was kind of akward to pass through the reception with our luggages and face tired from all the travel. lol. 

Arrival in Fukuoka Airport and Northern Kyushu Itinerary link: here.

There are several kinds of room accommodation you can choose from as they have private rooms as well as dormitories. The private rooms are in the second floor alongside the common kitchen which you can use as well. My friend and I chose to stay at the cheapest one which was at the 16-bed domitory room. 

I took the upper bed on our bunk bed and it was more than enough tbh. 

The bed was enough for me but the place (floor) can be a bit cramped especially with everyone's luggage... but it wasn't a busy week for this room that time 'cause most of our roommates only stayed for a night or two so we didn't see them as much. Actually, everytime we arrived at the room at night, we think that the occupants are different already. lol. No small talks, it was a quiet room where everyone just slept and the noises you'll hear are only from those entering/leaving the room and those fixing their stuff but amount of noise despite the number of people inside is bearable.

The size of the bed is enough and adequate especially if you're not very tall. It felt like being in a private room since you're surrounded with curtains and a hardwood one side. There's a reading light and a socket for charging. 

Lockers and room/linen sprays which you can use anytime. 

For the shower area, there are four showers with changing area on this floor and three toilets. They provided a body soap, shampoo, and hair dryer. Other amenities are for a fee when you're staying in the dorm rooms.

There were only four shower rooms in this floor so we were thinking that it'd be difficult with all the other guests but it wasn't even a problem 'cause everyone woke up and showered in their own preferred time so you barely have other people in this area with you as well. 

Since a bottle of water is also an expense, we brought our own bottle and hoped that the hostel provides water for its guests - and there was! There's a jar of lemon water outside the room which gets replaced every morning. 

Very cozy interior. Too bad we didn't have enough time to enjoy this common area of the hostel. 

There's a breakfast buffet you can avail in the morning (for a fee) but since we left very early on all the days that we were there, we weren't able to try it even once. We were also too tired at night to even "lounge" and order drinks at the bar. Haha! Talagang tulog, ligo at charge lang ginawa namin dito. 

Thinking of it now, I think when you're just touring around Fukuoka (Hakata Area), it's a good idea to rent a bicycle. 

In the middle of the picture is Hakata Station. :)

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