Japan 2019: Yufuin Food Trip and Yufuin No Mori Train Ride, Northern Kyushu

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

Day 1 was a bit stressful 'cause we weren't able to get a ride from Hakata to Yufuin so we had to reverse our itinerary... the reason why Yufuin was non-negotiable since it has Telato Gelato which is, to be honest, my dream come true as a matcha lover!! hahaha! 

After Yufuin Floral Village and Kinrin Lake, we looked for the different food we can try though we already had two in mind - a matcha gelato and a Japanese cheesecake in a cup. 

This store, though, was temptation in all its forms and sizes. I had a difficulty restraining myself from buying everything because all the products looked delicious... 'cause well, they're matcha for crying out loud. 

After the green tea factory, we looked for milch for their cheesecake in a cup. And oh boy, I wish they had it in bigger cups!! hahaha! 

While they have other desserts available, we only ordered the cheesecake worth 150 Yen. 

And from that moment onwards, I didn't want to try other cheese tarts that are being sold here in the Philippines 'cause this one is definitely one of the best - well-balanced flavor and something that you'd like to eat and eat and eat more of. 

After the cheesecake, we stopped by my dream gelato place which was on the way to the Yufuin train station. 

This is just a small shop with a few seats that's why most people just have theirs on the go but we decided to sit down and it slowly. haha! There are a lot of levels to choose from and I chose the highest. 

Huhuhu! It seemed like only yesterday when I told myself that I'm gonna find this store and here I am posting about it now. <3

Mt. Yufu

If you're arriving in Yufuin and want to take Yufuin No Mori back to Hakata, you'd have no choice but to reserve tickets. It's best to reserve upon arrival 'cause some time slots can get sold out pretty fast. 

The best train that we rode at during the Japan trip. No wonder it's a reserved-only kind of train.  The wooden flooring and green seats are to designed to reflect the relaxing nature of Yufuin.

Aside from the quaint interior of this train, there's also a photo service which you're going to hold a cardboard of Yufuin No Mori. Nice commemorative photo if you ask me. 

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