Japan 2019: Early Sakura Bloomers in Fukuoka, Japan

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

We were a week early for the full bloom but on our last day, we saw several "early bloomers" in Hakata that bid us a beautiful goodbye. 

We wanted to try the Yatai Stalls the night before which are in this area but the long lines made us look for other restaurants in the area. The only thing we accomplished by going there that night was seeing this big white sakura tree which flowers were almost all in full bloom.

This is the most "Japanese style" of all our posted photos in Japan, tbh. Some people even believed that we were really in Amsterdam when we posted the pictures from Huis Ten Bosch.


I remembered that in one of the parks that we visited in Macau, there were some plants that looked like cherry blossoms. A year later, we were able to travel to Japan for the real cherry blossoms! <3

See you again next year, Japan!!! <3 I fell inlove with you. I fell inlove with Spring :))

We had more time so we continued walking and saw this street lined with smaller sakura trees. I'm not sure if this variety is just small or the trees are young. But still, it's a sakura-lined street right there and all of the trees are blooming!

Although it's like a gamble, I think going to Japan during the "early bloom" phase is best especially for people who dislike huge crowd *ehem*

I never shopped a lot before and the only item that I was thinking of purchasing was a backpack from Anello but shopping in Japan was just too much fun and some items were cheaper than their price here in the Philippines... and so I let Uniqlo, Anello, Royce, and other matcha products tempt me... magi-ipon na lang ulit ako pag babalik na. hahaha!

Thank you for being our home for a week, Fukuoka!!!! <3

Departure and Royce Chocolate link: here.

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