Japan 2019: Yufuin Floral Village and Kinrin Lake, Yufuin, Northern Kyushu, Japan

The main reason for going to Yufuin is the Floral Village. However, upon researching food became the main reason. hahaha!


Ultimate Fukuoka Tour from Sunrise to Sunset

Yufuin Floral Village is one of the most "instagrammable" spots in Yufuin as we were researching on Instagram. We wanted to visit it early to beat the crowd but since we didn't have train tickets, we had no choice but to put Yufuin as the last place on our itinerary that day. 

The wind was cold but it was sunny... the reason why both of us were sunburned just after two days of walking around.

The Floral Village is actually just small "houses" selling stuff... there's an owl zoo but we didn't bother entering.

Pictures were supposed to look nice at this area but there were too many people and the sun was too bright.

Someone told me that she was envious that our pictures in Japan didn't have a lot of people in it... well, I didn't show her pictures from Yufuin that's why. :))

The main point is to take a picture walking in this village and Mt. Yufu. 

At that point, we decided to walk to Kinrin lake because it was getting more and more crowded. The "Floral Village" was small and in reality it's just an alley. 

Following Google map, it didn't take us a long time to get to the lake. When you come here in the morning, you'll be able to see mist coming out from the lake. It was said that fog occurs because this lake is fed by both hot and cold spring.

Unless you're entering the musuems and onsens around this place, there isn't anything to do on this side of Yufuin aside from walking and picture taking but I prefer to stay here than in the floral village.

Should look a lot more beautiful during autumn because of the trees surrounding it. 

Kinrin lake is a small lake but it looks different depending on which side you're viewing it from. 

This is used to clean yourself (hands and mouth) before entering the shinto shrine. 

This is a small shrine at the other end of the lake. This Shinto shrine is called Tenso shrin and it marks the location where the cold water spring is located.

Early moonrise at Yufuin. <3

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