Busan, South Korea: Lotte Department Store Rooftop (Gwangbok Branch)

Previously on Lucifer... :)) Char! This is one of the art installation pieces on the rooftop of Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch. 

While Busan Tower is the usual To-Go place in BIFF area for that "overlooking," I personally find the view of Lotte Department Store's roof top a lot better than the tower. We went here on a cold autumn night so I always brought scarf with me.

I prefer the quietness of Haeundae area but Busan trip isn't complete unless you travel around this area. There's something about the busyness of this place that'd make you feel you're really in Busan - a port city. 

The more famous bridge in Busan is Gwangandaegyo but Busan Harbor Bridge (above) is also a beautiful bridge especially when viewed at night. You can go to Cheonghak Waterside Park if you want a closer view of the bridge. 

Busan nightlights are beautiful especially when you're on this side of the city. Not to mention that the rooftop is wide enough so you can see several parts of the city from there. I wanted to find the Namil Bar of Fight For My Way but didn't have time for that anymore, good thing the view here is almost the same - still a rooftop anyway.

There are a lot of viewing areas especially if you're into climbing mountains (Jangsan for example) but this place is good for people who don't like hiking but don't want to pay the entrance fee of Busan Tower. lol

See you again soon! <3

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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