Cucina Buffet Spread, Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas

I just want to show you the buffet spread of Cucina in Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas. The last time I went in Marco Polo was in 2017 when we had drinks in their bar - Vu's.

The restaurant is on the 24th floor but unlike Vu's, the skyline is not really something to look forward to when dining here.

The ambiance is cozy - there were a lot of diners with us that night but it still felt intimate and private.

Salmon sashimi was one of the highlight of the buffet actually. :)) I've been craving it some time now and it's finally unli. HAHAHA!

You can have them cooked your seafood for you - we asked for baked mussles and garlic shrimp that night.

BBQ area

Another thing that I liked is the pita bread from this station and I was able to find hummus from another station. :)) Ang dali ma-please. HAHA! But yeah, those are the foods (pita bread, hummus and roast chicken) I've been craving for eversince Zankou Chicken in LA. lol. 

Roast chicken tasted delicious and it was tender too although I liked the medium well steak more especially with all the available sides and sauces.

So, there. I just showed you some of the photos I took when looking around the buffet area. 

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