Spring 2019: Sakura and Flower Fields (Japan and USA)

It's almost the changing of season once again and 2019 has been incredible... incredibly fast. hehe. 

This is an appreciation post for the once in a lifetime Spring experience in Japan and USA. This is my first legit Spring experience and my heart is ecstatic and full. Pero once in a lifetime nga lang ba? ABANGAN. HAHAHA! 

Wala pa masyado sa isip ko 'yung konsepto ng Spring noon pero spring na pala 'yung mga bulaklak ng cactus dati sa Vegas!

Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Las Vegas, NV link: here.

Huis Ten Bosch
Part 1
Part 2

This Europe-themed park was the main driver of our Fukuoka trip this year. Europe has always been a dream destination but it's still far-fetched at this point because of the expenses but we'll eventually get there. Anyway, if you see some parts of this park, it really looks like Amsterdam so I'd consider it a lucky charm. <3

Baby Blue Eyes 
Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

These are the reasons why I fell inlove with Spring travel. I didn't realize in until our trip in the flower fields of Taiwan in 2017 that I like flowers but they have to be planted. Lam mo 'yun, ayoko na bouquet type gusto ko mga ganitong flower field. Sabi nga, "flowers are in their most beautiful state when left where they're blooming."

One of the Sakura first bloom in Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan

Finding these trees was a challenge but we were lucky 'cause there are several trees in bloom around Ohori.

Somei Yoshino
White Sakura in Maizuru Park, Fukuoka, Japan

It was the beginning of Spring when we went to Japan but thank goodness that the blooming begins in Southern Japan so we were able to see several trees with bloom and not just buds.

This is a good place for viewing when the trees are in full bloom 'cause almost all the trees are cherry blossoms.

Along the river in Hakata, Fukuoka

We went to this river that night because we wanted to try eating at a Yatai stall but there were too many people so we headed somewhere else to eat. What we saw though was this cherry blossom tree by the river so we went back in the morning for better photos.

Growing cherry blossom trees in a street of Hakata, Fukuoka

These cherry blossom lined street which we saw by accident 'cause were killing time before our flight back to Manila. They're not yet fully-grown but they're still a sight to see. Fukuoka has been generous with cherry blossom sightings. <3

Fukuoka, Japan 2019: link: here.

Above is the garden of Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme was Japanese Garden that's why they had a replica of the Osaka castle in the middle. 

I am not sure of the schedule but they change the theme of the conservatory every few months.

Bellagio Water Fountain Show and Conservatory link: here.

This was the place where I first saw a lot of tulips back in 2016. Still one of my favorite places in the whole of Las Vegas. <3

Someday, Osaka Castle!! Will be coming for you!!!!! Hehehe.
Sarap din balik-balikan ng Japan eh kaso ang gastos kasi sobrang saya mag shopping. Haaaay. Hindi na ata macu-cure ang wanderlust. HAHA

The Flower Fields
Carlsbad, California

This is a seasonal attraction in California that opens March 1 and closes May 10. It's a huge place filled with a lots of flowers and if you go up the hill then you'd be seeing the ocean as well. I forgot what the name of the flowers in the fields are but they're beautifully landscaped and are very pleasant to look at. I've yet to post about my previous US trip but yeah, definitely one of the places worth coming (back) to. 

From Los Angeles, we flew to New York on the first of May. I wasn't able to roam around Central Park because it rained on the day that it was on the itinerary so I don't know if there are other sakura blooms that time. 

But hey, had my "hanami" in the states in Long Island, New York. Ganito pala itsura niya kapag in full bloom!!!! You really have to catch the time when it's full bloom because the petals of the flowers would fall when the leaves grow. 


Double blossom sakura of Long Island, New York

These trees were by the train station of Selden, Long Island. Passed by the trees several times but only had one chance to take photos with them. hehehe. Still. Grateful. Infinitely grateful.

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