Ca Phe Saigon, Antipolo Branch

The first time I tried Ca Phe Saigon was in their The Corner Market branch in Podium, Ortigas


This new branch is along Sumulong Highway. I'll be embedding the map at the end of this post 'cause I'm not good at describing locations. I am from Quezon City and although Marikina branch is closer to me, I find this branch easier to go to 'cause we frequent the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine. It's nice to have Ca Phe Saigon as one of our choices when we're in the area.

Dry Noodles with Spring Rolls
P 130.00

Fresh Spring Rolls
P 180.00

Ever since my Ho Chi Minh experience, these two food items above have become my favorites. I always look forward to eating the dry noodles even if I still can't pronounce it right two years after the first time I was able to try it. lol. Just like all the food items that will be included in this post, their version may have a little modification that suits Filipino palate more but still good as authentic especially since a lot of ingredients in cooking these dishes are sourced from Vietnam.

Tamarind Pork Ribs
P 270.00
slow cooked fell off the bone pork ribs basted with tamarind sauce

Not everyone may be a fan of the noodles and vegetables so it's a good thing that they have several rice meals that you can choose from. 

Banh Mi

Regular: P 120
Special: P 190

Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)
Regular: P 160
Special: P 260

We went here two Sundays ago and it was raining hard but it was a perfect day to enjoy a hot bowl of Pho. The broth of pho is clear and it has flat rice noodles.

Ate pouring the broth of the beef pho. 

Seafood Noodle Soup
P 270

One of the reasons why I like eating Vietnamese cuisine is that it's very light and I don't feel bloated after all the eating. Look at all the dishes on the above photo and they're all with different kinds of vegetables - very healthy. 

Vietnamese Dry Noodles
Chicken/Pork/Beef: P 140
Shrimp: P 170

Tbh, even the process of mixing the noodles and the fish sauce immediately reminded me of the food I used to love in HCMC. Wala e, ito pa rin talaga favorite ko. :)) I always look forward to eating versions of Vietnam's dry noodles.

It may look simple but mixing the fish sauce with the noodles transforms this entire dish into something else - para bang nilagay 'yon para maging united or maging complementary 'yung flavors ng bawat ingredient na meron sa bowl. I first found it weird and I'm not a big fan of noodles but this, again, has become my favorite Vietnamese food. I can eat this everyday especially since I can change the meat/rolls that go with it. Not to mention that the price point of all the food Ca Phe Saigon offers is affordable so it's a place that I can always consider going back to. 

I don't drink coffee but I want to show you the drip coffee container they have. I heard that the coffee comes from Vietnam so it's definitely good. The reason why they use condensed milk is because the taste is very strong so mix it depending on your preference. 

PS. The interior design in very nice. There are hints of Vietnam to it very simple but well put together.

Ca Phe Saigon Facebook Page link: here.

Ca Phe Saigon, The Corner Market, Podium link: here.

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