See you soon, Park Seo Joon! (Bench PH's FM and My Patience)

Naging Top Fan ako ng Bench/lifestyle  + clothing Facebook page kaka-comment at like ko sa mga posts na may Park Seo Joon. HAHAHAHA!


EDIT: Seo Joon became the model of IAM Worldwide, guys! I heard he's coming back to Manila this October 14, 2023!!!! Will update if they'd post details about it na. OMG. Sana magkita kameeee! ❤️ Lee Min Ho's also coming on the 15th. Ano naaaaaa. Kailangan po ba pumili? 🀣🀣🀣

Got these photos from Wilbros:

Refer to their Facebook page for more information about Park Seo Jun's Fun Meet in Araneta Coliseum on October 14. 😍

Ang layo na ng narating ng Bench from Lee Min Ho's funmeet with Patron's price worth 1,600 PHP to Park Seo Joon's funmeet with Patron A's 6,000 PHP and Patron B's 4,000 PHP. But I'll also give props to myself since there's also progress on my part 'cause I was able to afford a lower box ticket this time worth 3,000 PHP. At kung hindi nga lang pahirapan mag-avail ng Patron A or B e kaya ko ng patusin 'yun... all for Seo Joon. :))))) 

I've been supporting Seo Joon eversince "I broke up with Lee Min Ho." :)))) Life has been generous after the funmeets since I've seen Lee Min Ho in person for sooooooo many times such as  my experience last winter in Korea link: here. Sana si Seo Joon din, makita ko ng madalas. 

This funmeet, albeit not being one of the VIPs, is the culmination of all my silent cheering (or not really silent haha!) and supporting of oppa Park Seo Joon. It's kinda amazing how I used to get excited with seeing his pictures, going to the shooting location of his dramas when I am in Korea and here I am now, holding a lower box invite to see him in person on the 29th!

PSJ's Shooting Locations that I was able to visit in S.Kor:

Park Seo Joon in Manila for Bench FM

Medyo wala naman kinalaman 'tong mga susunod kay PSJ, nasa mood lang ako mag post.

On the day that I learned Park Seo Joon might go here in the Philippines for a fan meet, I told myself that I can shell out P 5,000 to P 7,000 for him which could've gotten me a Patron A ticket worth P 6,000. HAHA! I didn't like the mechanics of getting the Patron A and a lot of fans obviously have more dedication than me that I decided to settle for Patron B. Still, a lot more fans have more dedication than me that Trinoma branch has sold off all its Patron B invites just hours after opening... and when I asked the staff on the invite that I can get this afternoon, she told me that only Lower Box and Gen Ad tickets were left. I rushed through the items - not even fitting clothes and jeans - paid the items, found out I miscalculated it, LEFT my credit card with the cashier and I told her to wait for me 'cause I'll be getting something to qualify for the required spending. 

I panicked.
I didn't think properly.
I was kinda desperate.
I was annoyed.
I really want to see him on the 29th. 

The facebook posts with other fans panicking surely didn't help either 'cause I wasn't able to think things properly. :))) Soon, after I got my invite, we transferred to Vertis North to eat at Ippudo. VN has another Bench branch there, which I knew of, and guess what? THEY HAD A LOT OF LOWER BOX INVITES AND THOSE PURCHASING FROM THAT BRANCH WERE TAKING THEIR TIME SHOPPING. WHAT?! I GOT ANNOYED AGAIN - not at bench, definitely not with PSJ but with myself. Well, it's not like I'll buy different stuff 'cause I only wanted jeans and tshirt in the first place but I could've enjoyed the shopping experience more was I not rushing to get in line at the cashier. Looking back at the whole experience, I realized/re-learned a lot of things:

that I have my OWN blessings and that I must focus on the things I like rather than be affected by other people (if this makes sense). I know how Korea fangirls are and so I wasn't able to control my emotions 'cause I know that it will only take minutes (or few hours) for all the invites to get sold out pero still, may I always remember that I HAVE MY OWN BLESSINGS and if it so happened that I wasn't able to get an invite then I'd be sad (heartbroken probably is the best term) but it will still be a form of blessing in some way. Pero 'yun nga, in life, rushing 'cause we think that blessings are running out or there's not enough blessings for everyone may sometimes be the reason for us not to appreciate and enjoy our own journey. As long as we do our best and act, may something naman para sa'ting lahat eventually. 

that I have to be more mindful of my spendings and save as much as I can. I am not getting any younger and I know na kasabay ng pag-increase ng perang dumadating sa'kin e laki din ng increase ng perang ginagastos ko. I am thankful to have the budget for this even if it was only announced two weeks ago pero I think, this time, I should be more responsible with the way I manage my finances. Nakakapag-ipon naman ako pero alam ko rin na kaya ko pang maging mas aggressive saver and investor kung pagtutuunan ko lang lalo ng pansin 'yung aspect na 'yon ng buhay ko. Do you want to share that journey with me? Hehehe. Payaman tayo!!!! We have our own blessings nga, 'di ba? There's enough for everyone. Hindi na lang road to airport but road to financial independence din, mga ganyan. HAHAHA! 

that if I want something then I should find ways to make them into reality. I've been achieving things naman so far, kulang lang sa appreciation paminsan. May I always remember that I have to act in order to achieve something. Alam mo 'yun, okay si positive thinking pero as okay sabayan ng positive action pa rin. Okay naman, kulang lang din ng inspiration paminsan. hehehe. Here's to greater things that we'll accomplish!!!!

Park Seo Joon in Manila for Bench FM

In the future, if I encounter something similar to this, I would always ask myself what it is that I want and I would stop myself from looking at others (or what other people are doing) so I can remain calm and patient. MUST.NOT.LOSE.CALM I hope to always remember that if things get confusing then I should step back, assess the situation, and act the way I deem best. Wag na tayong lutang, self. :))) 

I may always have a back-up plan... at mag relax. I went to Trinoma thinking, "kung wala akong abutan, edi wala." but when I found out that I had a chance, aba, addict mode ang ate mo girl. HAHAHAHA! Ewan ko ba. Di ko nga alam bakit kailangan ko pang isulat 'to kung gusto ko lang naman sabihin na makikita ko si Park Seo Joon sa 29 at wala akong magagawa kundi mainggit at tignan na lang sila ng mga babaeng makakalapit sa kanya sa FM.

That I may always look at my life in the present and be grateful for all the improvement and progress even if they don't seem much. Seven years have passed since the inception of this blog and a lot of things have happened since then and I'm happy I've written some of my thoughts here to remind me of my emotions that I've forgotten and wishes/hopes/dreams that eventually became reality. hehe. 

Lastly, kung sakaling panic mode na naman ako someday... e wag na ko masyado mag-overthink paminsan kasi nga some opportunities knock only once. HAHAHA. So bawiin ko na lahat ng sinulat sa taas? Siguro at the end of all these, baka overthinking lang pala problema ko, noh? :)) Sabi nga ng author ng book na binabasa ko, there's no point in dwelling in the past. The concern now should be, "what should I do next?" Hindi ko na kailangan pag-isipan pero at least natuto na ko kahit papano.

Kaya ko 'to naisipan isulat kasi naalala ko nung nagu-usap kami ng isa kong friend regarding dito sa funmeet, naalala namin na dati e hirap kaming bumuo ng tig-500.00 para bumili ng merchandise sa bench para sa invite pero kita mo naman 'di ba....... ang dami ng nangyari mula noon. :)) 

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different? – C.S. Lewis

Addtl: From Vertis North, we went back to Trinoma and it rained hard so the Bench paper bag got wet and look at what happened to it. Nabutas lang naman at nalaglag sa sahig lahat ng binili ko habang naglalakad. :))) Sobrang memorable ng araw na 'to, I SWEAR. 

Alam ko na this is just the start of seeing Seo Joon in person. I will see him for a lot of times more in the future but still,

matutupad na 'to,
sige na naman,
baka pwede na,
'yung isa kong wish...
쒋은 μ‚¬λžŒ λ§Œλ‚˜κΈ°

PS nahihiya lang ako i-English lalo i-Filipino kasi tunog desperada na HAHAHAHA pero hindi kailangan Koreano. Gusto ko lang mag-wish. :)))) 

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