Seoul, South Korea: Lunch and Afternoon Walk at Insadong

Insadong is one of the neighborhoods in Seoul. Compared to all the other streets you can visit, this is the one that felt more traditional and "South Korea" more on this later. 

I don't know about you but one thing that made me excited especially during my first time in Seoul was the Hangul letters everywhere. Ganun naman, 'di ba? You're in Korea syempre kailangan mo makita 'yung sulat nila. Hehehe! 

But it was only during my third time there did I find the time to visit... kung hindi pa 'to nabanngit sa drama na "Because This Is My First Life" baka hindi ko pa rin napuntahan. Haha!

While Myeongdong is, I think, the most famous shopping area for tourists there are a lot other options such as Insadong, which has become a favorite of mine. 

In here, you'd see old tea shops and antique shops. It's more of a commercial area so you'd find a lot of stores but the thing that makes it unique is it gives off a more traditional vibe. Kinda like an old soul... I mean, old Seoul. 

Went here just after exploring Gyeongbokgung and Bukchon Hanok Village so we were starving. There weren't a lot of open stores that day since it was the Seollal (Chinese New Year).

This was my lunch.

Actually went inside for the gukbap since I have been craving for it since day 1 but couldn't find any. The difference of Busan and Seoul is that in the former, it was easier to find gukbap restaurants. lol. haha! But I eventually found restaurants that serve it in Gwangjang Market btw. 

Below are the photos of logos and signs that are in Hangul. Definitely a must see when in Korea 'cause not all branches are written in Hangul especially the foreign brands.

If hunting for souvenirs, this is also one of the places that you can do that since there are a lot of souvenir shops. I am not sure but for bulk buying, the 10 pieces nail cutter with keychain (typical pasalubong kasi dito sa Pilipinas, kapag nag-uwi ka e kailangan meron lahat haha), was cheaper than those I saw in Myeongdong Subway Mall. 


From Anguk Station (line 3), take exit 6.

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