Busan, South Korea: Six (6) Beaches You Can Visit in Busan

This is the continuation of my previous post wherein I enumerated the Three Skywalks you can visit in Busan link: here.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

Ilgwang Beach

Located in the Northeastern part of Busan - this beach is isolated and a bit far compared to the more touristy and crowded beaches in the city. However, given that there aren't a lot of people here, more often than not you can expect a quiet and serene trip while staying here. This beach is one of the shooting locations of the hit 2017 Korean drama, "Fight For My Way."


Gwanggali Beach

One thing that would differentiate this from all other beaches in Busan is the Gwangan Bridge.

Although beautiful during the day, visiting it at night is also a must because it offers a spectacular view of the Gwangan bridge light show. The bridge is considered as one of the icons of Busan and it spans through the part of horizon that is seen from this beach. There's also a fireworks festival that takes place in this year area annually. 

Dadaepo Beach

Underrated beach in Busan probably because of its location which is the farthest among the places I included here. If you don't have an entire day, it's best to visit the place in the afternoon because it's a great place to watch the sunset. After which, you can watch the musical fountain show and eat dinner in one of the restaurants there that offers outdoor seating. The water is shallow and gentle - almost like a mud flat sometimes. There's a boardwalk with a lot of trees so it's a mixture of the scent of the ocean and pine trees which was very relaxing.

Songdo Beach

Aside from the numerous cafes and restaurants nearby, there are a lot of activities that you can only find in Songdo. If you want to experience riding a cable car over the ocean, walking on a skywalk, doing coastal trek then Songdo Beach is the place to be in. Btw, it's Korea's first official beach which opened in 1913.

Songjeong Beach

This is more known as the surfing beach in Busan because it has high waves compared to the other beaches and yet it is less crowded because it's not usually frequented by tourists (unlike Gwanggali and Haeundae). It's also a great place to view the sunrise and moonrise while in Busan. Near this beach is Haedong Yonggung Temple which is considered as the most beautiful temple in South Korea.

I never saw people swimming in Haeundae but there were always people in this area.

Last but definitely not the list and my personal favorite: Haeundae Beach. <3 

Haeundae on a foggy morning. <3

Above photo was taken on my first night in Busan. 

Above photo was taken on a Saturday night when there are a lot of people lighting fireworks which you can purchase from the vendors in the area. Another thing to look out for when spending a night in Haeundae are the street performers/buskers especially during Fridays and weekends.
Located in the Eastern part of Busan - Haeundae beach is considered as one of the most famous beaches in the area especially since it's used as the location of Korean dramas and some festivals and cultural events are held throughout the year. There's a traditional market and restaurants where you can try various food. There are also a lot of street performers especially at night. Busan Aquarium, Moontan Road, Dongbaek Coastal walk and Bay 101 are also in the area.


This area is the fishing village/coast called Cheongsapo, it was only around 20 minutes walk from where I stayed in Jangsan. It's not a beach but you can still enjoy the ocean view while eating in one of the many restaurants in this area. It's a very quiet place in the middle of Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach. Actually, if you have enough time and energy, the entire coast from Haedong Yonggung Temple to Haeudae Beach is "walking distance."

The list with locations which I put in Google Map link: here.

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