Ferry Ride to Batam, Indonesia from Singapore (RT)

If you're crossing border to Indonesia when you're travelling in Singapore then you'd also be leaving SG from Harbourfront.

Below is what we experienced during our "border crossing" for a 1N2D stay in Batam Island, Indonesia. 

You can secure/purchase tickets beforehand but you can also buy onsite.

It's easy to get here since Harbourfront has its own MRT station so even if you have all your luggage with you then travelling to the Ferry station won't be that much of a problem.

Our ferry schedule was to leave at 8 AM. All the instructions were in the voucher so all I had to do was present my voucher and exchange it for the ferry tickets.

Passing through both immigration (Singapore exit and Indonesia entry) was a breeze since a lot of people do this. You can opt for a day tour but we decided to stay the night just so we can enjoy Batam more.

In the immigration counter, we were only ask about the length of our stay and that's it. There's also a currency exchange counter in the terminal so we had our Singaporean Dollars exchanged to Indonesia Rupiah before starting the tour.

The next day, we were dropped off again at Sekupang Ferry Terminal 'cause we had to catch the ferry back to Singapore.

There is a mall opposite the ferry terminal and they're connected via bridge way. You can find a lot of stores there and I noticed that a lot were on sale. Just make sure you have enough Indonesian Rupiah with you. 

The ferry wascomfortable and the sea wasn't rough in from and to Singapore.

We then passed through the immigration of Singapore again in Harbourfront. There's also a luggage center here that you can pay if you plan to go around Universal Studios or Vivo City Mall before going back to your hotel. 

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