Macau: Fisherman's Wharf (Coliseum Replica)

Our hotel provided a phone with an internet connection so going places wasn't difficult. We arrived here riding by riding a bus and we only had to cross a footbridge to get to the gate. Based on reviews that we read beforehand, this felt like a deserted place 'cause there weren't a lot of people and truth be told, there's nothing to see.


Every place that would make us feel like we're in Europe? Count us in.

For people who dream of travelling across Europe that has no Europe funds yet, Macau is someplace you can visit to kinda feel the Europe vibe when you're here in Asia since there are a lot of replicas there. Not only that, it kinda feel that you're in Portugal since there's a strong Portuguese influence there especially when you're in Taipa or Coloane. 

Ready your camera 'cause almost everywhere is an Instagram-worthy spot. Pagalingan na lang ng aura-aura. :))

Perfect place to visit if you're the type of person who prefers to not have other people in the background when taking photos. This kind of shot without anyone else is close to impossible when you're in the St. Paul Ruins area.

You would probably need only an hour to get around the area since it's not that big anyway. Also, if you can, you can visit around sunset. I've seen photos of it taken at night and they're quite stunning as well. Ganda ng lighting!

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