Macau: Guia Lighthouse (via cable car)

The best thing you can do to save yourself from all the troubles is to locate the Guia Hill cable car at once. :)) We just searched Guia Hill and Google map pointed us to the trail so we had to walk all the way to the top of the hill passing through some residential areas. 

It was a hike through this paved road. Good thing we visited Macau on a cold weather so it wasn't that tiring to walk around. 

Hazy day Macau

So sad that people keeps on vandalizing tourist attractions. A lot of people are still thinking or dreaming to visit these places so leaving "marks" like this aren't ideal in keeping the area the same even after all the tourist arrivals.

This place has a complex military tunnel and there's an entrance to it if you want to explore but we decided not to. No other people was there with us that time so going inside a tunnel didn't feel like a good idea. lol. 

Guia Chapel

If your first destination is the Cotai Strip and haven't researched about Macau beforehand, seeing this part is kind of surprising especially since Cotai and Coloane area have wide spaces and doesn't look crowded. I think this place/area is called the "Old Macau" Still worthy of your visit!

There's a fortress near St. Paul Ruins and one of the canyons there is pointing towards Lisboa. Will be blogging about that in the coming days as well. 

We walked around for a bit more and finally found where the upper station of the cable car is. 

It was just a short ride and it wasn't even expensive. HAHAHA! Sobrang hilig ba namin maglakad?! May sakayan naman kasi pala... :)))

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