Macau: Wynn Palace, Cotai Strip

So there are two Wynn Hotels in Macau. The one in Macau (old) and this one in Cotai Strip. I'll be blogging about the other hotel in my next posts... :)

For that afternoon, our itinerary were the hotels in Cotai Strip. You usually don't see this being photographed a lot since this is at the back side of the strip and for some people, the cable car isn't really that of a "sight to see." For us though, we were looking forward to the cable car ride.

While there is a shuttle bus route that will take you around the hotels in Cotai, we decided to walk 'cause we still passed through and took photos at the different hotels there. When we reached the building, the water fountain show was already happening but we weren't sure if we could afford the cable car ride so we stood there watching the fountains for quite a time.

And we were like... OKAY. Once in a lifetime. Magbayad na lang tayo. :)))

But as soon as we approached the lower station of the cable car, it turns out to be a complimentary ride for people going to the hotel. WHAT?! HAHAHAH

It was a fun short ride. There weren't a lot of people yet but you have to share the cabin with other people going to the hotel. On our way back down though, we didn't have other people with us so we were able to take photos. 

We just took photos inside and looked for designs like this. :))

In Las Vegas, Wynn has one of the most beautiful interior design with all the flowers and you can see bits of those in Wynn Palace.

I was looking at the pool back then kinda wishing that I'd be able to stay in one of the Wynn Palace hotels and just last year, I was able to go back to Las Vegas and stayed at Wynn for three days. Just that, I was too busy to use to the pool. 

Anyway, the photo above was taken on a different day 'cause we decided to go back for Starbucks.

This was on our last day in Macau and we didn't want to spend it walking around 'cause we've been doing that for the past four days already. Just so happened that out of all the places we went to, this Starbucks was the one we wanted to go back to... 'cause... we still had enough money. Hahah! Turns out that touring Macau was not so expensive as long as you won't gamble all your funds.

One of the unique Starbucks we were able to visit 'cause it looks like a fancy palace. Probably adjusted 'cause it's located in Wynn. 

While there's already a bus stop at Wynn, we decided to ride the cable car for the last time and then walked to MGM. That bus took us near Taipa and then we walked back to Macau Inn Hotel. 

PS. I was able to go back to Macau last year as well but it was in July. I liked March weather more 'cause it's easier to tour around when it's not too hot. During our March travel (the time when these photos were taken), we had to wear a light jacket because it got chilly at times especially when we go near a body of water. 

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