Bangkok, Thailand: Baiyoke Sky Hotel's Buffet and Revolving Roof Deck

This is near Pratunam Shopping area so you can spend the day shopping at the flee market and then proceed to the hotel before sunset for dinner. 

I heard that this place gets packed on some days so good thing that there weren't a lot of people yet when we arrived. This is the highest hotel in Bangkok and the price for the buffet is not that steep so a lot of people (both locals and foreigners) come here.

I didn't pay much attention at all the food items from the buffet but since there were a lot of seafood and sashimi options, then it was good enough. 

Good enough, for me, at least. I remember eating mango sticky rice there and it was delicious too. 

The feeling's kinda like Macau Tower since you're also seeing the panoramic view of Bangkok from where you're seated in the restaurant. 

After eating, we went to the 84th floor of the building for the Rotating Viewpoint/Viewing deck. 

The rotating viewing deck wasn't huge so you won't need a lot of time when you're there. Actually one full 360 degrees turn might be good enough - just to see the view and take some photos. 

What was more interesting was the gallery before entering the viewing deck because it display a lot of photos taken from different areas of Bangkok. 

But yeah, since it's Thailand's Tallest Building and the food from the buffet were delicious then I can suggest going here when you're in Bangkok. 

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