Singapore: Resorts World Sentosa and Merlion Plaza

My favorite thing about blogging is whenever I read my previous posts ('cause I'm linking them to the current post that I am constructing) and then remembering that what I am writing about at present is something I once hoped for. Wooo k walang hingahan 'yung napakahabang sentence. Hahaha! 

[Klook Link] Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore link: here.
M&M's World, Las Vegas, USA link: here.
Hershey's Chocolate World, Las Vegas, USA link: here.

Anyway, we didn't enter the Universal Studios theme park anymore and decided to just walk around Sentosa that afternoon. 

Batam, Indonesia Tour from Singapore link: here.

We headed straight to Sentosa from Batam. We left our luggage at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal for the whole afternoon while touring around Sentosa. 

This is Sentosa's Merlion.
I believe you can climb up to its mouth for a fee but we didn't come close to it so I don't know how it looks like up close.

This is what you'll see from the third station of the train that runs from Vivo City to Beach Station but it's actually just walking distance even if you alight at Waterfront Station. We only stayed here for a bit and walked to the Universal Studios entrance. 

EDIT JANUARY 2020: It was announced that this Merlion Plaza will be/was demolished to make way for new construction/attraction in the area.

There's no M&M's World here like the one you'll find in Las Vegas and New York but as for the Hershey's Chocolate World, the chocolate options and pricing are similar but their branches in the States have more "art pieces" just like the Statue of Liberty that is made from chocolate. 

You'll find the regular Hershey's chocolate and these bars above that are perfect Singapore souvenir for people who love eating chocolates - may be a bit pricier compared to the grocery but this is a tourist attraction so you also kinda pay for the place... like most of the times.

You have the option to mix and match kisses chocolate if you don't want to settle for the prepacked ones. 

Before we went out the store, someone approached me and asked me to answer a survey. In return, he gave me a chocolate bar which was more delicious from all the chocolates I bought. Haha. Wanna know why? 'Cause it's free. Hahaha! 

Can't miss taking photos with this one. 

Reese's is my favorite among the three. <3

Took photos with the Universal Studios globe although there were too much people that I always have others in the background of my photos. You only pay entrance fee once you enter the theme park but for this place and the shops, there's no entrance fee.

We transferred to Candylicious, which is obviously a store for candy. 

Their version of M&M's World inside Candylicious.

 The tubes of M&M's are my favorite part about this shop. Lol. That's mainly because I'll take chocolates over candies anytime.

More souvenirs from this store. Kinda expensive but yea, if you want to get something that is "very Singapore" then this is a good place to shop.

Lake of Dreams

I believe that there's a light and fountain show here at night. Didn't have anything special though that afternoon but probably worth the coin toss if all the dreams you'd whisper in this Lake of Dreams will eventually come into fruition.

So there, these are only some of the places you can visit in Sentosa if you do not want/ don't have enough time to go inside Universal Studios. 

[Klook Link] Universal Studios

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