Las Vegas, Nevada USA: Target Shooting in the Desert

I've passed through this area countless times but I never knew that a lot of people have been doing target shooting behind the mountains in the desert along Interstate 15.

Seven Magic Mountain Link: Here. 

My friend brought me here after going to the seven magic mountains. I'm not sure where this place is exactly. There are rules regarding the distance of where you're target shooting and the interstate. My friend is a security personnel in a hotel in Las Vegas strip so he's trained and careful enough that I agreed to do this there. 

No clean ups. 

You'd see magazines of different guns in the area.

Anyway, I've always thought that no one goes to this area. Turns out a lot of people do. 

We were targeting bottles of water the entire time. 

Proud of myself for being able to shoot several targets. HAHAHA! 

Not the first time I held a gun and did target shooting. Had the chance to do this back in high school which is already ten years ago.... time flies..... who would've thought I'll be able to go to the states twice in this decade. lol. drama. next decade ulet, sayang multiple-entry. haha

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