Seoul, South Korea 2020: Late Night Airport Bus Schedule (Incheon Aiport to Seoul Station V.V)

If you're taking the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Incheon. Most likely, you would not be able to catch the last trip of the subway nor the limousine airport buses. If you're travelling in group that can share the high cost of taxi then that would be good but if if you're not, then your next best option is to wait for the 12:15 AM bus to Seoul Station and from SS ride a cab to your hotel. I heard, though, that some passengers opted to stay at the airport and wait for the subway's first trip. 

Above is what I wrote in a blogpost during my first trip to Korea in 2018. A lot of things has changed since then... link: here.

This is the sign that would greet you once you enter the airport - make sure all the documents are filled out so you can head straight to the immigration counter lines. 

For Cebu Pacific and Air Asia flights, you'd still have to take an airport train to another terminal where you'd pass through the immigration and claim your luggages. When we were in Korea last September, we flew with Jejuair so we arrived in the morning. That time, the line in the immigration was crazy but it wasn't "crucial" since we had a lot of transportation options to Seoul. 

[Klook Link] AREX Incheon Airport Express One Way Train Ticket

Anyway, more and more people are going to Korea nowadays that the immigration still has a long line even it it was almost midnight for this trip. We exited the airport past 0:15. We initially thought that we would be able to ride the next trip but hindi nga pala Pilipinas 'yon na may standing. Haha! 

Late Night Bus Schedule Incheon

There's a different queue for the bus going to Gangnam Area, I wasn't able to take a photo of the schedule though but for Incheon Airport to Seoul Station:


Going back to the first paragraph in this post, back in 2018, there were only less than 10 passengers that were with us for that night bus. Now, we started waiting for the 1:05 bus but was only able to ride the 2:55 bus. We waited outside for almost three hours on a -3 degrees Celsius weather. I mean, I'm for it considering we went there for the cold (freezing) but still, wearing four layers of clothing wasn't enough - thank God for heattechs. :)) Okay naman ako the rest of the trip. Grabe lang talaga nung gabi na 'yan. Our hotel was again, Maru Guesthouse, so we had to walk from the bus station and I accidentally bit my tongue thrice the whole 15 minutes walk 'cause I was shivering.


Well, if you have a budget for transportation, you have more options actually; cab, carpool, or private transfer.

For us, we had to wait 'cause this airport bus only costs 9,000 KRW. 

The easiest way to pay for the buses and trains in Seoul is by using Tmoney. You can either get one from Klook or buy at the convenience store in the airport. I'm still using the Tmoney card I bought in 2018. Fares for those who have Tmoney cards are lower than just paying in cash. Also, take note that for buses, you won't be given change if you pay in cash.

Late Night Bus Schedule Incheon

This bus 6001 is the limousine airport bus and a trip costs 15,000 KRW. Operating time is from 4:50 to 20:22 and comes every 15-25 minutes. 

Late Night Bus Schedule Incheon

To everyone riding the late-night bus from Seoul Station, here below are the time of departure in SS.


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