Seoul, South Korea: KBS' Cool FM and Saetgang Ecology Park

I was watching the Korean movie, "Tune in for Love" in Netflix when I saw this as one of the shooting locations. I immediately searched my blog and it was only then did I realize that I haven't posted this here yet.

We visited this place February 2019, just never had the chance to blog about it until now. Two Days, One Night Season 3 was still showing/broadcasting during this time so I was really looking forward to visiting this building back then. 

BTW 2D1N is back on broadcast again for its season 4. I miss Cha Tae Hyun but I'm slowly getting used to the new members and of course, Kim Jong Min is still there so I still watch it every week.

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It was the Chinese New Year Holiday so not a lot of establishments were open. There was a VR musuem but yeah, it was closed that day. Would've entered had I known that my favorite variety show would get discontinued months after this. :((

2 Days, 1 Night.... you're missed... you're really missed. :(( 


We chanced upon the live broadcast of KBS' Cool FM and you can watch the DJ from the glass window. 

Saranghaeyo, Moon Hee Joon!

Here is Jamjam's appa while working. Tbh, I don't know who he was until he joined Return of Superman. I don't watch it all the time like 2D1N but I've been waiting for clips of his daughter - theirs is the only part that I watch.  

After walking around the building, we continued walking towards Saetgang Overpass.

This is one of the shooting locations of Fight For My Way as well.

Not a long overpass but interesting design. You can take photos with the building of Yeouido at the background. 

I tried to look for this bridge during my first time in Seoul but got lost because there's a train station called Saetgang and I thought it was around that area - one of the nearest station here would be Singil station if you're not coming from KBS. 

I think I'd need more warm clothes since I'm going back in January for another winter trip. Hahaha! Kakahinayang kasi mag-invest for outfits. :)))

If you go down the bridge, you'll enter Saetgang Ecology Park.

There wasn't a lot to see that time since the trees have already lost their leaves and it hasn't snowed for days so we had neither autumn foliage nor winter snow. HAHA!

Still a nice place to walk around and take photos though especially since we don't have winter in our country. I've only seen places in Seoul during winter so going back there last month I was kinda feeling weird during the first few hours 'cause I was seeing leaves on the trees. lol

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