Seoul, South Korea 2020: Eungbongsan 응봉산서울 Hike (with Traditional Pagoda)

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Station: Eungbong Station, exit 1

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

I kept on thinking that I should post more of my different travels the past months and not just those places from South Korea, but then I'd see one place in a drama that I'm currently watching and then here it goes, a blog post about it. I'm scheduling another post which will include the KBS building 'cause I saw Jamjam's appa (The Return of Superman) there before. Saranghaeyo, Moon Hee Joon! HAHAHA. 

Not that this was a scene in Crash Landing On You per se, but it's one of the places I noticed in the intro video whenever it's played in Netflix. Took a photo of it which will be uploaded last on this photo set.

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

Going to the pagoda is easy if only we didn't take the longer route to get there. It has an elevation of 95.3 meters and there's a staircase so it's easy to get to the top. From the train station, all you have to do is walk straight to the staircase. 

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

But despite the map that we had in our phones, we still took a wrong turn and ended up walking the longer way. But yeah, it was because of that that we saw this bridge. 

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

The staircase from the wall climbing wall was pretty steep so we rested for a while before continuing our "hike." Went there last January so it was freezing and we had this very heavy coats on so it was more challenging than usual. lol. 

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

We got to the pagoda eventually.

This should be a familiar view especially to people who've watched a lot of Kdramas. Scenes in "Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo," "Are You Human?" were filmed here as well. 

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

It was noon when we got here and no one else was there. Haha. There are a lot of crowded places in Seoul but then you'd still be able to find places that doesn't have a lot of people especially if you're travelling on a weekday.  

Here was a sign that this place is a photo spot but didn't know how the photo should look like. lol.

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

Going up the pagoda is not allowed. 

I remembered eating kimbap in of the pagodas I saw in Busan before.

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

I still get excited for South Korea trips.

It's still a happy place and I think that it will always be. <3

So from here, Seoul Forest is just across the river. We again, took the long turn, but if you're going to SF then that pedestrian bridge is the one you should look for. 

I've seen photos of this staircase in spring and autumn but yeah, I haven't experienced going around Seoul during those two seasons. Haha. This is the Seoul that's familiar to me. Seoul during winter. <3 I can use another week-long Seoul trip next year. HAHAHA! Well, my three years visa would expire next year but I am thinking of renewing. 

Eungbongsan, Seoul Winter 2020

If you're on the right track, this is what the staircase should look like when going up to Eungbongsan.

Crash Landing on You opening scene <3

Two more mountain in Seoul that are often used as filming location for Kdramas:

Naksan and Seoul Fortress Night Hike
Namsan Tower

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