Seoul, South Korea 2020: Hae Joon Jae's House Location (Legend of the Blue Sea)

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Location

Anyway, if you're going here then look for the direction from Google Maps. It'll be better to ride a bus that would drop you off to the closest stop near Namsan's Cable Car lift.  



The only place I am sure of where there's a bus you can ride that drops off passenger at this area is in the bus stop in front of SEOUL STATION.

If the lift is full of people then you can opt to use the staircase - both ways will get you to the gate of the house.

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Location

We've been trying to locate this location since two Seoul trips ago. :)) The crazy thing about it is last winter when we walked from Namsan Tower down to Myeongdong Street - we passed by this area already and we even took photos with two Lee Min Ho standees but failed to recognize the place. Probably 'cause it was night time then.

Namsan Tower  (down the Excursion Trail of Hanyangdoseong) link: here.

*this is located at the street on the right when you're facing the lower station of Namsan Tower's Cable Car. 

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Location

This is a perfect sidetrip if you have Namsan Tower in your itinerary and you plan of riding the cable car. 

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Location

I am not sure if we can go inside but this is a gallery btw.

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Location

Haaay... buti pa last winter, gigising lang kami ng maaga, makikita na naman si Lee Min Ho sandali. :)))) Ngayon, ewan ko ba kung nasaan ang koya mo. HAHA!

Lee Min Ho Military Days link: here.

Hindi talaga mawawala ang pagfa-fangirl everytime nagpupunta ko ng South Korea eh. For this trip, we saw EXO's Suho (once), Super Junior's Kyuhyun (twice), Shindong, and Yesung. I am not really into Kpop but I like the experience and seeing them in person so I'm kinda living someone else's fangirl dreams. lol. PARK SEO JOON PA RIN, UNIVERSE!! :)))

Busan One Asia Festival 2019 link: here.

Hae Joon Jae's House Location

 So there.

From here, you can either walk up the stairs or continue walking at the boardwalk for Namsan Tower's Cable Car. 

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