Clark County, Nevada, USA: Pitstop at Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

San punta? :))
I don't know much about this place's history other than this used to be an area rich in gold, silver, copper, and lead. Ghost towns are usually towns that used to be prosperous but are now deserted.

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

When I heard that we were once again going to a ghost town, I felt frightened for a bit 'cause I was reminded of the other ghost town that we visited in Death Valley National Park before.

Rhyolite Ghost Town link: here.

[Klook Link] Death Valley Small Group Day Tour from Las Vegas 

Anyway, this place is located in El Dorado Canyon, Clark County, Nevada.

This is a great photospot if you're into IG feed goals. Time stopped at this place too but unlike other ghost towns you'd see in Nevada - this place isn't a bit eerie. I don't know. It's probably because of the mountainous backdrop that even if this place has been deserted for decades, it wasn't scary at all. A lot like an outdoor musuem/filming location of a Wild West themed movie for me.

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

I don't know if you can use these picnic tables but just in case you're going here, it's best to bring drinks and food with you 'cause I don't think there are stores or restaurants in the vicinity.

You can join a mine tour for $15 per pax if you want to learn more about the place's history or want to see the gold mines. For us though, our day was packed that time so we just opted to walk around and take photos by ourselves.

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada
Grateful for friends who freed their schedule to tour me around Nevada.... again. :)) Memories that I'll cherish forever. hehe. 

This kinda reminded me of the movie "Cars." This place is kinda like Radiator Springs which is also a rundown desert town with a mountainous backdrop. 

More photos from the ghost town:

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

Other places to visit if you're tired of the LV strip (LOL):

There's a cliff jumping area called Nelson's Landing that is along the Colorado River but I haven't posted about it yet.

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