Seoul, South Korea 2020: Making (ELF) Fangirl Dreams Come True HAHAHA

and EXO-L 'cause Suho was there too,

뮤지컬 웃는 남자/ The Man Who Laughs Musical - Suho (Junmyeon of EXO, Kyuhyun and Shindong of Super Junior
Cafe - Yesung of Super Junior

For my past three South Korea trips, I've been seeing Korean stars. :)) My ultimate bias/crush/whatever you call him is Park Seo Joon but I have no idea where to find him so I've only been going to the shooting locations of his drama.

Fight For My Way - Namil Villa & Namil Bar, Busan
Itaewon Class - Poster Location

I'm not really into KPOP but this is exciting, tbh. HAHAHA! I swear kung ma-tyempuhan ko lang talaga si Seo Joon na ganito kalapit.. kahit two hours pa ko maghintay. Haha! Anyway, my friend is a huge fan of Super Junior which explains why she's updated with all Suju activities.

For this year's winter trip, we didn't have a definite itinerary. Since Kyuhyun of Super Junior has schedules as the lead of the musical "The Man Who Laughs" "뮤지컬 웃는 남자" we decided to drop by Seoul Arts Theater to wait for him. 

Haengbok <3

Kyuhun was the one we saw on the first day we went there but I didn't upload a video. We decided to go back for Suho the next day and I handed him a love letter in a pouch as per the instruction of a friend. It was fun though it was the time when I realized that the feeling's different if it's with someone you like. HAHAHA! Last year, we saw Lee Min Ho go down his car and walk towards the door of his office and I was so kilig just by that. And then there was Suho who was closer and who accepted my love letter. I felt kilig 'cause my effort didn't go to waste but not the kilig kasi I'm crushing on that person. If you know what I mean. HAHA! Baka mamaya si Seo Joon nga, di ko ma-abutan ng love letter. :)))

We went back for Suho (but he exited somewhere else), left Seoul Arts and went back for Kyuhyun again. 

I appreciate that he (Kyuhyun) takes time in walking, greeting, and accepting gifts from everyone.

 During this second time, we were busy with our phones when all of a sudden, Shindong was walking alongside the people who've watched the musical. I wasn't even able to take a photo of him - andon lang siya sa harap ko, naglalakad. :)

It is calm with Kyuhyun but it feels like a battlefield with Suho. I can't blame him that he walks fast and don't look around much. Some fans can get really scary and aggressive with him. I got a bit scared too when we were waiting for him - parang ready silang mag attack anytime. Ganong feeling.

It was the Chinese New Year's Day and a lot of shops were closed. We first went to Donghae's Cafe but it was closed so we went straight to Yesung's Mouse Rabbit. Good thing it was open and there were also some fans eating inside.

We took our time as we drink our lattes and eat our cake. My friend listened to the Seollal greetings of Suju and it might have gotten the attention of her fellow ELF inside the cafe. 

Several selfies after. The other elf tapped my friend and she told us that Yesung is in his other cafe - Cafe Amoire. Wala ng isip-isip, we grabbed our stuff and walked towards Cafe Amoire which was three to four cafes away. (Will be blogging about it soon)

We entered and there he was having meeting. We asked if taking a photo was fine but he respectfully declined - totally cool with that. Sayang lang we didn't have pen and paper with us that time so we weren't able to ask for a sign/autograph as well. But yeah, we were able to greet him anyway. :)))

So there, this is the end of an ELF and EXO-L fangirl diary. HAHAHA! Sana si Seo Joon din talaga, universe! 

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