USA 2016: Valley of Fire, Nevada

This is one of the nature off Las Vegas Strip attractions. 

Valley of Fire is located in the Mojave Desert approximately 58 miles Northeast of the Las Vegas Strip.  Valley of Fire is the oldest Nevada State Park and was dedicated in 1935.  Valley of Fire State Park covers an area of approximately 35,000 acres.  Valley of Fire was named for the magnificent red sandstone formations that were formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs more than 150 million years ago (Mesozoic Era).  These brilliant sandstone formations can appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays.  Other important rock formations include limestone, shale, and conglomerates.
Valley of Fire is marked as Nevada Historical Marker #150 (Nevada’s First State Park).  Valley of Fire Road is the main road through the park.  The 10.5 mile (16.9 km) road connects the east and west entrances of the park and was designated as a Nevada Scenic Byway in 1995.
Prehistoric people of Valley of Fire included the Anasazi, who were famers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley. Their visits to Valley of Fire probably involved hunting, food gathering, and religious ceremonies.  There are fine examples of rock art (petroglyphs) at several locations throughout Valley of Fire. (Info source link: here.)
I told someone that I've gone to Red Rock Canyon and Red Springs and he told me that I should check this out too since he found the rock formations in Valley of Fire more interesting than the ones in Red Rock. 
Bee Hive

It's very obvious how this state park got its name - the red color of the rock appears brighter when hit by the sun's rays.
So beautiful that it felt like being in a painting.
This area has fine red sand. One of the finest sand I've stepped on.
We went up that rock that looks like a monkey.
What are Petroglyphs?
And found these Petroglyphs there.  

Well maintained. I didn't see any vandalism if there was.

We have this in Angono, Rizal too just taken for granted, just snobbed, just poorly maintained, just underappreciated... parang... hahahaha.
Natural Arch 
When I first read about the petrified logs, I was like, why? Are they scared? HAHAHAHA.  
Turns out that petrified also means something (organic matter) that has changed into a stony substance, fossilized

I didn't appreciate it buried here but I saw some pieces on a gallery in San Diego and they were spectacular, almost looked like they're real crystals and not fossilized wood that are millions years old.
More road pictures because I'm maangas like that. HAHA. It's something to be proud of that I didn't get fined for jaywalking after all the violations I did. :)))) Jk lang! I was a very obedient tourist in the United States of America. I just can't resist a road and back picture.
Silica Dome

This is the Kiltepan of Valley of Fire.


That Thing Called Mesheket Na </3 haha!
Two colors in one place

"Oy, yung hindi ako nakatingin."
Looking across 150 million years of time.

Everywhere is an adventure of color carved from all the sand deposited during the time when dinosaurs walked on Earth. <3

There's actually a Dinosaur National Monument where you can see fossils of dinosaurs in Utah so it's not surprising that dinosaurs were also roaming around here. 

Hay, will definitely be back for more of your National Parks, Utah!! Canyonlands, Bryce, Six Arches, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon and many moreeeeeee. Huhuhu. 
A part of the Rainbow Vista
Malapit lang.
Walking distance.
More of this please. :))

Soon. USA ver. 2.0 :))))))

This was a trail head to the White Dome ahahha. We only stayed here 'cause no one wanted to hike. Di bale, pagbalik. <3
It was almost sunset when we reached the East entrance/end of the scenic road.

One thing I liked about the Valley of Fire are the slopes making the drive on some part feels like riding a roller coaster.
Sunset. <3

We kinda had a hard time locating this elephant rock turns out we had to hike for a bit.

Haaay. Thankful. Sobra. 
The rocks were not as colorful as they were because it was almost sunset when we got here but the color of the sky was beautiful that we stayed here for around 30 minutes to just look at the view.

Nice message but vandalism is definitely a no no!!!!!

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