USA 2016: Zion National Park, Utah

This was our first trip to a national park which turns out to be Utah's first national park too. 

From Las Vegas, it was about three to four hours of driving.
Yey! Change of state!

Utah's time is one hour ahead of Nevada.

Yey! Change of timezone. :))
I don't know what kind of rocks are these but don't they look interesting?

One thing's for sure though, those layers signify the million years it took for them to form. When we were driving there, it seemed like a massive earthquake made these rocks look like that.
Thank the heavens we had a good weather when we visited the area. 
Almost near Zion.

Springdale area.

There are cabins that can be rented out here which makes so much sense because there are a lot of National Parks in the area. Huhuhu. We just didn't have the time to visit them all but Bryce, Grand Escalante, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell are all around 1 1/2 hours away. Huhuhuhu. I'll be back Utah and hopefully by then, spend more than a week discovering the beauty of all your National Parks.

All these sports car yet I have none. haha!

I was never into sports car nor into any car but I welcomed the thought of owning one of these or an SUV someday. hahaha. 
Into this one way tunnel.
Huhuhu. So beautiful!

Emoterang palaka.

Missing my shades so much too. How can you break after 6 months of being together hahaha
More photos because the rocks are so beautiful.
Drove straight hahahaha but then we accidently exited the park while looking for some place to eat. 
We found a picnic table somewhere and decided to eat there.

Another traveller gave us a ticket to Bryce Canyon, a ticket to these parks is good for a week.

So we initially thought that this everything you'll see in the Zion National Park hahaha but as we were deciding between going to Bryce and staying, we took another look at the map. Turns out that the reason why we didn't see the trails is that private cars aren't allowed to pass through there, there's a free shuttle that hikers must ride to reach their desired trail.

We decided to stay and there, I fell deeper inlove with Zion. haha. It's actually the first on my list of favorite places even if we weren't able to hike through all the trails because we didn't have the time anymore.

Zion Trails in the next posts 

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