Philippines: Boracay Island, Aklan

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tungkol sa Philippines: Boracay Island, Aklan sana pero hindi

Take me back to that sun-drenched elsewhere....

I was out to watch the solar eclipse that occurred this afternoon. I forgot about it but a friend called to remind me so we ended up watching it together. Uhmm, parang mali. Di ko kasi alam kung tama bang watching the solar eclipse o mas bagay na we were outside and video calling while there was a solar eclipse. Wala lang. Dami problema? HAHAHAHA. Basta ayun, magkausap kami nung may eclipse.

Ako: Kaka-solar eclipse lang nung December ah.
Siya: Approaching seven months ago. 

Awkward silence.


Six months na lumipas - pa seven months na nga simula nung nag sabi kami na aayusin na namin buhay namin pero okay, aayusin pa rin naman. HAHAHA! Bakit kasi napakabilis... naman masira ng buhay? JOKE LANG. PAUSE LANG 'TO. 

I like listening to stories other people share with me. I also like processing the new information I've learned through writing especially if it's something that I'd like to remember in the future. Anyway, this afternoon I learned about the significance of an eclipse in the Astrological point of view. What struck me the most out of all the things I was told is that solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and that during this event, the universe is intent on moving us forward. 

Very timely. To be honest, I've been feeling stuck the past few months (aside from being literally stuck at home) 'cause it feels like the life that I was building/creating was snatched away from me. The more annoying thing here is, I currently don't have a Plan C. It's not like I was 100% confident that things will happen the way I planned but it didn't occur to me that most of the things that I was holding onto for years can disappear just like that. I know that my situation is not the worst (one can experience during this pandemic) but this is definitely making me question what else do I want more from this life. By the way, there's a plan B which has always been a part of me and I've been focusing on that now but I don't know - may kulang kasi? Si Plan C talaga ang kulang. HAHAHAHA. 

O baka naman gala lang talaga ang kulang? Malamang nga. 

Bakit Boracay pictures ang napili ko para sa arte-arte na 'to? Kasi... wala sa listahan ko 'tong lugar na 'to. Wala sa Travel Plans A,B,C,D,E,F,G pero pumunta pa rin at nakakatuwa naman siya.  

1. Isang araw naisip ko, "Paano kaya kung uuwi lang ako para mag palit ng backpack tapos aalis ako ulit?" 
Nangyari nga 'yon. Galing akong Boracay, umuwi sa bahay, nag palit ng backpack, nag byaheng Norte. (sobrang babaw neto hahahahaha pero dito makikita kung gaano kalala ang malala)

2. Hindi ko ata naranasan makipagtakbuhan sa ulan nung bata ako pero naranasan ko makipag takbuhan sa ulan na sobrang lakas dito sa Boracay. Pabalik kami sa hotel dahil gabi na pero biglang
 umulan ng malakas. Kaya kami tumakbo para maghanap ng sisilungan pero 'yung kasama ko, biglang sinipa papunta sa'kin 'yung tubig-baha kaya nabasa na ko ng tuluyan. Alangan, diba? Edi sinipa ko rin papunta sa kanya. Hahaha. Hindi ko na naisip 'yung bag ko na hindi naman waterproof pati nga 'yung dumi ng tubig-baha makaganti lang ako. Dumiretso muna kami naligo sa dagat habang nagk-kwentuhan at tinitignan 'yung crescent na buwan at mga stars. Haaaaay. Good times. 

Ayun na nga... paunti-unti, natatanggap ko na. If I'm holding onto nothing, I can do anything. Yan. Yan. Ganyan dapat, Tintin. 

Kaya para sa mga bagong Plan C,D,E,F,G na kahit hindi ko alam kung paano ko ba bubuuin ng ganitong parang wala ng sigurado sa mundo ko e gagawin pa rin. Napag-isipan kong pwede pala akong mag simula sa "Paano kaya kung?" at mag-isip ng mga bagay na hindi ko pa nagagawa na pwede ko pang gawin sa hinaharap para meron naman akong bagong aabangan. 

Be crazy enough to know that you can do anything you want in life. 
I will emerge as a different person after all these upheavals.
I will accept change as a natural part of existence and gracefully roll with it.
This phase requires blind faith that the universe is on my side like it has always been.

Isingit ko lang 'yung henna tattoo kasi natutuwa rin ako rito. Hahaha! First time ko 'to mag palagay ng ganyan.

Feather morphing into flying birds henna tattoo (kasi may mawawalan ng bahay pag naging permanent tattoo). Di ko maalala pero something about courage, freedom at travel 'yung ibig sabihin niyan. Tinatamad na rin ako i-search. 

Life is strange, isn’t it? You can be totally entranced by the glow of something one minute, be willing to sacrifice everything to make it yours, but then a little time passes, or your perspective changes a bit, and all of a sudden you’re shocked at how faded it appears. 

It was bizarre so I was wondering what was I looking at. I even used to want it thinking that it was an answered prayer. Life can get pretty creative with regards to introducing stuff like this - hahaha - that almost got me. This is why being okay if something happens and okay if something doesn't happen is a very powerful place to be. For when it sinks in to you that what you're made to believe are all lies or are all something that are not going to come true, you are able to let go without bitterness and what ifs.

Letting go isn't giving up. It's understanding that the best is yet to come. Huyyy, huwag nga kasi sa taong naturuan ng Art of Detachment. Oh well papel. Hahahaha! 

What we're feeling is okay.
Acknowledge it.
And pray. 

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