Thailand: Wandering Around the Old City Wall, Chiang Mai

Snippets of those days I spent walking around the Old City Wall of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

"...Chiang Mai represents the prime diamond on the crown of Thailand, the crown cannot be sparkle and beauteous without the diamond..."

— King Rama V, 12 August 1883

Walking in one of my dream places. 💖💖💖 This trip was indeed nothing but pure solitude (state of being alone without being lonely).

I fell in love with the way I was quiet and how was I all alone because during that time my intuition voice became louder and I was able to call myself home. 

I contemplated whether or not I'd hire a guide to tour me around the Old City Wall so I can maximize the time and have someone explain to me the places of interest. I decided not to though because my anti-social side didn't want to have someone to talk with so I just walked around on my own.

These photos below are from the afternoons and nights that I spent there. Kasi arte arte ko pa. Wala tuloy akong alam na history. HAHAHA! Nag search lang ako para naman may silbi 'to. 

There are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai alone.

Tourists would usually choose the temples that pique their curiosity. I, however, chose temples that were near my hostel. Well, just for this walk though 'cause I joined group tours some of which I have blogged about before already.

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Wat Chedi Luang

Used to be Chiang Mai's tallest structure during the Kingdom of Lanna. It was likely damaged by an earthquake and a cannon fire by the Burmese when they were retaking the city. 

This is actually my favorite temple in Chiang Mai Old City not only because of its history but because this place has programs called "Monk Chats Club" and "Meditation Retreat" for if you want to continue after the Monk Chat.

I was told that the purpose is allow monks to improve their English-speaking skills while conversing with foreigners and in return, the foreigners/visitors are able to learn more about Thai Culture, Monk's Life and/or life philosophies related to Buddhism. Having a monk to talk about these things was kind of healing and eye-opening. Kinikilig-kilig pa nga ko nun kasi kailan pa ba ko makikipag-usap sa monk ulit? Feeling at literal na once in a lifetime experience... though syempre, umaasa rin na sana hindi.

 My greatest takeaway from that conversation is learning about Anicca/Anitya/Impermanence - nothing lasts, everything is in constant state of change. It's still a struggle for me (tao lang po! HAHA) but having a conversation with a monk to look back on gives me peace and adds more appreciation to life. 

Why? 'Cause sad and happy moments in life both don't last. Nakakatakot man isipin na hindi tatagal 'yung saya na nararamdaman mo pero kung dumating 'yung pagkakataon na yakapin ka ng lungkot... diba, nakakatuwa isipin na hindi rin 'yon magtatagal?

I'm definitely in a higher vibration now compared to how I felt a few months ago when my world came crashing down. HAHAHA! Low vibes talaga ako nung March, besh. Buong pagkatao at naging mga desisyon ko, kinu-kwestiyon ko isa-isa. Ikaw na sabay mawalan ng trabaho at true love (lakwatsa). HAHAHAHAHAHA! Muntanga. Ngayon, OA na ko pakinggan pero parang kailan lang, feeling lost talaga ako. HAHAHAHA! Laking tulong ng mga friends kong nakausap din tungkol dito. Feeling namin, sabay kami nag level-up sa buhay. HAHAHA! Well, technically lost pa rin naman ako ngayon pero natanggap ko na. Acceptance is the first step, diba? HAHAHAHAHA!

Walang naging mali sa'kin. Inayos ko dati - I did the things and decisions that I thought were best for me.
 Hindi ko kasalanan na nawala lahat ng hawak ko. Hindi ko kasalanan na may COVID.
Pinakamahalaga ngayon? Nagsisimula at aayusin ulit. 
HAHAHAHA! Dami ko namang HAHAHA!   

"... If I were to go back and relive it differently, I wouldn't be me. And I like me."

Wat Inthakin - Black Temple at the side of the road

This caught my attention so I had to go nearer to check if this was indeed a temple or not. Definitely unique 'cause unlike other temples which have outer walls, this is just there at the side of the road.

This was the second day that I walked around in Chiang Mai.

There was a night market so I decided to look around for souvenirs and dinner. This was the only time I went out of the Old City Wall towards a place I don't even know. HAHAHA! Sinundan ko lang talaga 'yung mga tao at mga tindahan tapos kung saan-saan na ko napadpad. 

I don't know what was happening but I went in 'cause there was a program. Naki-chismis lang pero wala rin naman akong napala kasi hindi ko naintindihan kung ano nangyayari. 

The (night) market experiences are one of the things I miss. I am not the type of traveler who would go to crowded places but I love night markets so I put up with the crowd. Ngayon, ang sarap sabihin na gagawin ko po lahat makapaglakad lang ulit sa crowd ng hindi kakabahan kung may COVID. HAHAHA! Haaaaaay, the things we took for granted talaga.

MY FAVORITE NIGHT MARKET IN THE WORLD: BAGUIO NIGHT MARKET (ukay-ukay!, chicken skin, balut, isaw!!!! HAHAHA! Pakshet. Baguio days na supposedly eh.)

My favorite food to grab before going back to the hotel: Kanom Krok/Thai Coconut Pancakes

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