USA: DUMBO Area (Brooklyn) and Little Italy (Lower Manhattan), New York City

These are photos while walking around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

DUMBO means Down Under Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpass

I knew from the first time, I'd stay for a long time 'cause
I like me better when, I like me better when I'm with you.  💖  💖  💖 

I was watching this video ('cause Lauv) before without knowing that I'll get the chance to explore the city two years later. Going to NYC was something far-fetched back then and writing about it a year after the trip, I'm feeling more grateful for that gift of adventure. Pakadrama ng buhay po. 

New York City Sightseeing Cruise link: here.

Brooklyn Bridge

 I like looking at and walking on bridges. I swear.

I can't explain it but I like them as much as I like taking photos in the middle of roads. Haha! Aside from aesthetics, it's because bridges connect and lead you somewhere. They connect people and places separated by geographical distance. Well, maybe it's just me and my wanderlust tendencies 'cause bridges also mean movement from one place to another. Hahaha! Daming alam.


Discovered this while looking for a restroom and boy how I loved walking here. There were lots of trees and there weren't other people. Once you go to the other side of the trees, you'd see Manhattan Skyline again. 

There's a place in Manila that kinda feels like this. I forgot the exact name of the place but it's near CCP Complex. 

"When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie."

Matcha forever. <3

Left the cafe since it was a lot better to drink it outside while looking at the bridge. Very NYC. 

Manhattan Bridge
Saya niya, eh. 

Looking at Instagram pictures prior to this trip, I was specific when I said I wanted to go here and take photos. Ewan. Ang ganda. 
Lagpas one year ko na nga 'tong profile picture sa Facebook.

This part is the middle of Chinatown and Little Italy.

This is also the place to buy NYC souvenirs if you're looking. Don't be shy 'cause you can haggle. I was able to ask for discount for a jacket that I bought in one of the stores here. 

Chinatown, San Francisco, CA link: here.

I walked around this area 'cause I enjoyed looking at the Italian cafes/restaurants. Then I stood here for quite sometime 'cause I spotted that Matcha 'n More cafe and I was having temptations of buying another matcha latte. HAHAHA! Then, I saw a sign that says, "No Standing Any Time." LUH? No standing? Alis ako agad don eh. 

I asked about it later that day, "Why is standing not allowed there?" I was told that the sign was for the cars. Tanga-tanga lang, Tintin? At least nag tanong, diba? Oo nga naman kasi. Bakit pagbabawalan mga tao tumayo kung sidewalk 'yon? HAHAHAHA! The sign No Standing means you're not allowed to park but you can drop people off or pick them up. 

Looking at the fire escapes was interesting as well 'cause those are often showed in movies that are filmed here in NYC. Lakas maka-feeling nasa movie talaga. 

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