Thailand: Choui Fong Tea Plantation, Chiang Rai

 The only places that I was thinking of visiting in Chiang Rai are the Buddhist temples (White, Blue, Black) and the Golden Triangle (border of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos)

Afternoon at Chiang Rai's Golden Triangle + Myanmar Border Crossing

When I was looking for group tours that I can join there, I saw a package that included this green tea farm aside from the temples and the border. I didn't even know that they have a green tea farm so this was such a sweet surprise. I have always wanted to go to one. 

Started with samples of their teas.

I loved their green tea and oolong tea the most. Theirs is definitely on the more expensive side so I only bought a pack of green tea. They also have cakes and refreshments should you decide on staying to eat there. 

While it's not a tour per se 'cause no one's gonna be with you, you are free to roam around the fields or stay here in the quaint cafe overlooking the fields and the mountains. I believe that this is a bit far from the city center of Chiang Rai so not accessible unless you have your own transportation. 


Tea tree fields that stretch as far as you can see.
This place may not be "everyone's cup of tea" but for us tea lovers, this a great place to be in. It was definitely a memorable experience to walk around a tea plantation. I also picked a leaf and ate it 'cause I was curious if it tastes like matcha. HAHAHA!

Matcha, matcha - 'yung damo powder kong mahal na mahal. Literally and figuratively mahal. Matchaya, matcharap mga ganyan. 

My friend and I were actually planning of doing a tea picking activity for our Tokyo trip this year but because of COVID, that trip has been cancelled. Well, anyway, still glad that I was able to visit this before. No use sulking over something out of our control.

Aside from Japan, I know there are green tea fields in Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and my other green tea field dream: Boseong or Jeju, South Korea.

Grateful for travelers who offer to take photos of others.

Pakapalan na lang ng mukha 'yan... kesa wala. Di na rin naman kami magkita kahit kailan. NYAHAHA!

The scenery is spectacular especially since this place is located among the mountains and rolling hills. There weren't a lot of people that time, didn't even see workers handpicking tea leaves but that's fine. Glad to have visited on a cool foggy day. <3

PS. Kinda missing authentic Thai Milk teas. There's a very distinct taste to it. They probably blend in some spices (and food coloring) on that orange colored milk tea. K. Fine. Galing talaga mag-explain nung isa dyan. Itigil ko na lang, noh? HAHAHA!

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