Philippines: Masungi Georeserve, Baras, Rizal

I was talking with a friend one night and the next thing we knew, we were driving to Antipolo's Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club the next day. Link: HERE. There were a lot of couples in that place and it was uncomfortable so we decided to find another cafe. 

The view in that second cafe was beautiful - kinda like a perfect place to watch Metro Manila sunset. We stayed for a few hours to wait for the sunset and then the planning for this Masungi Georeserve Tour happened.

It took several months before our plan came into fruition so my hair is a lot longer in the pictures below. He did all the coordinating and planning thus I have no idea how we got a slot. You'd need to reserve your slot beforehand and schedules get full fast especially during weekends.

Refer to their website for more information link: here.

We did the Discovery Trail. 

A bit tiring but definitely can be done even if you have no experience in mountain climbing yet. By the way, some parts can get steep and scary especially if you have fear of heights. I think the whole trek only lasted around four hours and it was done on a leisurely pace.

I didn't take a lot of photos of the view 'cause I preferred to sight-see more than take photos. Thanks to my friend for taking my photos so I have several to upload here.

 The guide was thorough and knowledgeable in her explanations of the different things/areas that you can find in the georeserve. She was also attentive to all of us especially during the rope courses. 

I remember that on the part of the trail before this, we were asked to keep quiet and lessen the noise we make while walking just so we can hear the "sounds" of the mountain.

I love those "moments." I live for those kinds of walk. I may get scared easily (kasi baka may mumu HAHAHA) but never while walking in the mountains. Matakot na lang ako pagkatapos ko maglakad o kapag nakauwi na. HAHAHA!

That part, albeit being a short segment of this whole trek, was healing. Reminded me a lot of my solo nature walks in Busan. Kung meron lang sana talaga tayong ganito na malapit at hindi magastos puntahan... ang saya saya sana. HAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

Makapag-pose e, noh? Di ako sigurado pero parang sinabi ko sa kanya na, "Teka, 'yung nagpupunas ako ng pawis para mukhang pagod." HAHAHA! 

These rope courses are there for the adventure but more importantly, they're built so foot traffic or the people won't be intrusive at the natural rock formations and trees/plants in the area. You get to see the georeserve without harming it. Tama ba 'yang sinasabi ko?

Doon. Doon ako next. HAHA!

This place is really Instagrammable but make sure to hang on tightly on the rope for your safety. 

Take extra care of your valuables as well 'cause I don't think they can be retrieved once they fall. Ang tataas kasi talaga nung mga bato. 

This is my favorite part of the georeserve. If only we were allowed to stay longer there, I definitely would. Parang ang saya mag stargazing sa ganito. Pag bangon mo puro na linya katawan. Nyahaha!

You can't stay for a long time since you're going to cause traffic for others but time allotted per area is enough to take decent photos. 

Yungib Ni Ruben

This is a cave formation that smells sooooooo good because they lighted up scented candles inside. Reminds me a bit of Cagayan's Callao Cave 

ANG GANDA!!!!!!! <3

Taken from the area called TATAY - the highest peak in the georeserve.

Pero mas maganda 'yung araw ng punta namin! Hindi mainit tapos ma-fog ng konti. Huhuhu! Ang saya-saya. Kakamiss naman 'yung pakiramdam na mapalibutan/makakita ka ng fog sa paligid. Okay sana ngayon kasi tag-ulan na naman pero hehehe tiis muna.

It won't always be this way. Mahirap at nakakaubos ng lakas at pasensiya mga nangyayari sa'tin ngayon but let us have comfort in knowing that it won't always be this way. Hindi ko pa rin alam kung paano pero makaka-recover tayo.

In my element

 I've been talking with some of my friends and we've shortlisted Philippine destinations already. May mga bundok sa listahan. YESSS! Buti naman! Kinikilig na ako kahit iniisip ko pa lang lalo na nung pinakita pictures ng Crying Mountains sa Benguet! Exciting days ahead... mga next year! HAHAHA! Di makapag-plano ng kahit ano eh pero claim ko na 'to, universe! Gagala ulit at Pinas muna. To more mountains soon! <3

They call this place NANAY.

This place consists of five limestone rocks which are inteconnected by bridges such as the one I am standing on above.

This is the way down. The longest and steepest rope course.

It wasn't scary, just take your time on your way down. Nasa dulo ka na, ngayon ka pa matatakot? Ganon? Baka makauwi kapag dyan ka pa inabutan ng takot. Hahaha!

End of the trek.

We hung out for several minutes here before going back to the starting point.

This is what you get for listening to your tour guide. 
The package includes snacks and refreshments after the trek. While eating, the guide asked several questions and I was able to answer one. O diba, active. HAHAHA!

After COVID when it feels safe to travel and when our finances are back to normal, let's prioritize touring around the Philippines in order to jumpstart the tourism industry. The pandemic has taken its toll on the Philippine Tourism so let's support our own before travelling abroad. 

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