USA 2016: San Francisco Chinatown, California

After Union Square, we walked towards the Chinatown because we were looking for its arc. You know after seeing the several Chinatowns in other provinces (Cebu, Davao, Palawan) and other countries (Singapore, Malaysia, USA - Las Vegas), I appreciated the Chinatown we have in Binondo more. Although the past several visits weren't very convenient because of the traffic congestion, I am always reminded of that afternoon when my friend and I did a Binondo food wok. Mas okay mag-commute pero ingat sa snatcher! na-snatchan ako dun, eng saya :)) But still, I want to go back. 

Anyhow, back to San Francisco's Chinatown which is considered as the largest Chinatown outside Asia as well as the oldest in North America.  After spending several hours in the Bay Area, it was really surprising that San Francisco can give this kind of feel. Parang ang saya tuloy puntahan ng mga Chinatown all over the world. Naks! All over the world! :))
Looks so familiar, noh. Those floating lanterns as the street design.

Although this is just a block away from San Francisco's financial district and Union Square, it's like being suddenly teleported to a different place. It definitely gave a completely different kind of vibe compared to the San Fo that where we were in for the last two days.
Chinatown Arc

More of pictures like this please!
There are a lot of stores and restaurants here but we have already decided that we'll eat in a food park so we just strolled around for several minutes.

I was looking for a Chinese temple. Yes, I am a practicing Roman Catholic but I like visiting temples. Yes again, it doesn't matter to me what kind of religion it is but I like trips to temples. 
Miss you so, San Fo! Sobrang bilis ng panahon, almost six months have passed since I flew to the USA pero hindi ko pa rin tapos 'tong USA 2016 series na 'to. Grabe lang! Haha!

Kung wala lang masyadong snatcher sa Chinatown natin, may laban naman eh!! 
Chinatown Selfie. hehe
Bye, Chinatown!!!

But I'll see you, Chinatown of other countries too. I know there are Chinatowns in South Korea, Japan and Thailand sooooo. :)))
Back to the financial district and off the food park.. :)

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