USA 2016: Las Vegas Strip (South)

This post will include photos from:

Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Luxor
New York, New York
Mandalay Bay

Taken on our way to the Las Vegas Sign. ;))
We told ourselves that we're coming back to this part of the strip for a more "thorough" sight-seeing 'cause that day's goal was to only reach the sign. But we ran out of next weeks...
So sosyal this place...
So artsy this place...
With all these mini tornadoes art installations.
And high-end stores which products we can't afford. :))
First in and out experience. 
New York, New York and MGM Arena at the ground.

Taken at the Excalibur Hotel

With its light beam at night which is said to be the world's brightest, most powerful on Earth. 

Stars at night aren't visible in Las Vegas because the brightness hides the night sky. 
Egyptian Themed Hotel
I was wondering where the hotel rooms were at and then a door in one those corridors above opened, astig! 

Those lights at the background are where the hotel rooms are located.

Mandalay Bay

We wanted to go back here for their shark tank but... haahaha

Outside Mandalay Bay with the Las Vegas Sign being so close yet so far.


Taken at the Overpass on the way to MGM Hotel and

Hershey's Chocolate World
M&M's World

Three places to go to for chocolate lovers travelling to Las Vegas link: here.
MGM's Lion

They used to have a live lion at the hotel but those lions are now taken care of somewhere in Henderson, Nevada. I saw their billboard along the Interstate.
Otw to New York, New York


Sana someday ganito din karami mapuntahan ko. :))
Replica of New York's Manhattan Bridge and the tarp of my favorite beer, bud light. 

I'm so tangkad haha

Diba nga pag nagpapa-picture sa replica e nakakapunta?? :)))) SANAAAA
Soon. New York. Soon. <3

Pero National Parks pa rin. hahaa. <3

Loving the new locator in my google map. HAHAHAHAHA. <3

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