Thursday, August 28, 2014

The life I project online. What's yours?

Mostly in social media sites, you share what you want to share not because you want your life to seem more interesting than it actually is but because it's your right to choose what other people will know about you. Tbh, online life is staged. The good times? The out-of-towns? The eating out? Because those events usually fall into the "acceptable" and "postable" category, they're likely to be magnified as if they were the only things that you do because they're all you're posting in Facebook or in Instagram. 

Or, there's a possibility that I am not talking about the general population of social media users and I am just talking about me. I rarely post in Facebook and if I do, they're just photos. However, I frequent posting in my Instagram account especially if I go to a place that I've never been before to geotag the locations of the pictures (I don't have problems for my IG account though, sa FB lang kasi madalas). See, I usually only share the good times and skip the bad because I don't like the drama (except here hahaha! This is the only place on the internet where I write about my frustrations etc). Apparently, not everyone understands that my internet self isn't all that I am and that's very very very irritating. They don't realize that there is a life not shared, that there is a life behind what I have chosen to share. For example, my Malaysia and Singapore trip, what my Facebook friends see are only the five days I spent there sightseeing, eating and travelling. They didn't see the sacrifices I had to do for more than 6 months prior to that trip, how I spent a lot of time looking for the cheapest hostels and transfers, and how nervous I am because there was a probability that I would have spent all my money for a five-day trip. They don't know about the bad side simply because I chose not to show them. 

Whether we like it or not, we project the life we want when we post things in the internet. Whether we like it or not, people will talk about us because we exposed a part of us to them... And then upon composing this post, I realized that I don't care about what other people think. I just get irritated sometimes and that sometime is now. Hahaha! Seryoso, alam mo 'yung gusto mong magalit pero maiisip mong, "Ay, wala nga pala akong pakialam. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit ako nagpapaliwanag eh."

To sum this up, there really is a gap between social media sites life vs. real life especially because what I am sharing online is only dependent on what's comfortable for me. It may seem like I share a lot but what's in here and in my other SNS accounts aren't 100% of me. In fact, the things I post in the internet could even be less than 50% of what happens to me. A huge part of my life still remains offline and for the part that I expose online, I'll just let the judgers judge. It's what they do best anyway. :))) 

The problem with people who have no life is they talk about those who do. 
The problem with close-minded people is that their mouth is always open.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tokyo Cafe's Authentic Japanese Dishes (Mall of Asia)

After a long and exhausting day, all we wanted was to eat rice. We chose Japanese as our cuisine of the day and then searched for Japanese restaurants in MOA. Our first and second choices were eat-all-you-can restaurants, one was located By the Bay and the other along North Veranda. Obviously, these two restaurants weren't that appealing that day (wala siguro sa mood mag-buffet) so we went to our third choice, Yabu. Although we wanted to eat there because of the unlimited rice, the queue was just too long that it felt like we had to wait forever. 

Then my friend remembered that there's a Tokyo Cafe branch in MOA. We were not convinced to try eating there at first simply because they have a branch in SM North. Haha. Seryoso, hanggang sa Tokyo Cafe ba e mas masarap pag malayo? Anyway, I think what made us decide to try dining there was their dessert choices that we didn't even got to try. -_- 

I saw a matcha cheesecake and matcha parfait but I was too full to order. 
I forgot the name of my Bento order and its price.
All bentos are served with rice, miso soup, salad, chilled tofu and cucumber.
Even if they don't offer unlimited rice and unlimited shredded cabbage, I found this meal so satisfying that I need not to request for more rice. The tonkatsu and tempura servings were huge that this meal can even be shared by two persons.
With reasonably-priced meals, big servings, and wide choices of main dishes, pasta, desserts and drinks, I know that this isn't the last meal that I am having there.

I am looking forward to try their matcha and sakura offerings. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Afters Espresso and Desserts, Sct. Castor

I have always had problems dining alone whenever I'm in public. In fact, I am proud (or should I be ashamed?) that in my more than twenty years of existence in this world, the ratio of me eating alone and eating with someone is probably 1:100. And... of those 1's out of 100's, there's still a ratio of 1:50 for rice meals (1) and burger, pizza, pasta etc. (50). Seryoso 'to, as in pag wala akong kasama hangga't kaya at pwede kong tiisin, tinitiis ko na lang 'yung gutom hanggang sa makarating ako sa bahay. Magkaubusan na ng adipose tissues saka sumakit na ulo ko sa gutom pero maghihintay na lang ako kesa kumain mag-isa. This is the reason why I have high regards someone who can manage and who isn't uncomfortable to eat alone in public. 

But there will come a time when you just want to be alone for a couple of hours before going back to reality and I found my "safe space" here in Afters Espresso along Tomas Morato. I know this is not a big accomplishment but for the first time (I really think that this is the first time), I ate alone not because I have to but because I chose to. Just like what the adage says, "the only person you have to make friends with is yourself and you'll never be alone." I should get it over with and be more at ease with just me. So very much easier said that done so enoughhh. This isn't about me but about Afters. :))

For my matcha latte, it looked good but lacked the taste. It was so mild and diluted that the only thing that made this matcha was its green color. Or maybe not that bad but for those who are like me who would rather drink bitter matcha rather than those creamy/milky ones, this wouldn't be for you either.

For my chocolate cheesecake, I like it although I'm not really certain if there are qualities in this cheesecake that would stand out from the rest. I am interested to try their other cakes and gelatos though, heard they're mostly good stuff.

As for the ambiance, I don't know if I was just in the mood for some peace and quiet but it is a cozy place. I was lucky there were only six customers and all of us were by ourselves. For that time and that day, it was a great place to kill time and for me-times. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Churches for Visita Iglesia in Batangas (Sto. Tomas and Lipa Areas)

Super delayed post but it's better to be late than never. Hehe. I'm trying to post all of my "worthy" backlogs so I can erase them in my laptop in order to make room for newer ones. Di ko na rin kasi maalala 'yung kwento sa likod ng ibang pictures kasi buwan na ang nabilang. Sayang. Hehehe

I went to all sorts of outings last April - June and until now, I am so grateful for everything. This trip was when I was invited to join the outing of my former church organization - Legion of Mary. Together with the active members, we went to Batangas to visit five churches there. Magbi-birthday na naman kasi si Mama Mary kaya timely 'tong post na 'to. I am not anymore an active member of the organization but I know in my heart and in my belief that I am and will always be a Marian. Sa pangalan ko pa lang na Maria, alam na. haha. Maisingit lang.
Our first church was Padre Pio National Shrine,  in Bgy. San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.
It was very hot when we arrived there but the interior of the church was comfortable and big electric fans were available.
Red roses are for petitions; white roses are for answered prayers and thanksgiving. I offered white because I am already thankful for all the blessings I have yet to claim.
After the mass was the healing session.

"Where reason ends, faith begins."

Padre Pio also has a chapel here in Quezon City link: here.  Missing it there! We haven't gone back in months.

Sadly for this post, I have forgotten most of what had happened that day. :( Yep, even the name of the churches. But I was posting pictures in my Instagram account to geotag the photos so just refer to my account and view my IG map. 
Our Lady of Sorrows

Mama Mary is depicted in sadness and grief. Sabi nila, siya raw ang patroness ng mga brokenhearted. Ganernnn.
Are you aware of the belief that whenever it's your first time to visit a church, you are to make a wish? I probably wished for a lot things that day especially since I was then preparing for our Malaysia and Singapore tour. But as I am composing this now, my wish and hope is that I'd be able to bring my mother to Europe or Holy land so we can join a pilgrimage. This is probably the ultimate item in my wanderlust list. Someday, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, France. Walang impossible, kung ito ay iyong nais. :))
The joy of eating ice cream on a hot and humid afternoon.
San Sebastian Cathedral, Lipa City
The first place that came to mind upon entering this church is Manila's San Agustin Cathedral link: here.
St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish
In this church, we also saw Our Lady of Mediatrix of all Graces
The last church for that day.
There was an ongoing wedding when we arrived at the church. Imagine the shock we caused to bride and groom when lots of people entered the church and witness their matrimony. San tayo kakain after? hahaha.
I discovered that the mere view of the mountains was enough to excite me. It's like the mountains have casted a spell on me and I must go back again and hike! Haha. Sige, bundok. Hanggang sa susunod kong akyat. ;)
Although this picture is Mt. Makiling and I probably took this on our way home already but I saw Taal Volcano from below and I was surprised that it's huge. I mean, I'm used to seeing it from above in Tagaytay ridge area but it was my first time to see it from Batangas. I really think it's more majestic when viewed up close. Ehem. Club Balai Isabel and hiking. Someday. <3

I feel sorry for the (forever) unconsciously incompetent....

According to Abraham Maslow, there are four stages of learning a.k.a four stages of competence. The first stage is called "unconscious incompetence"; that stage where people are unaware of what they don't know or people don't know that they are bad at doing something. It's tough to be in this stage especially if one is not open to corrections, one is a know it all or one believes that he/she is too intelligent to be wrong. Unless a person acknowledges that he/she lacks knowledge/skill on something, he could never get pass the first stage. For some reasons, I feel that I am surrounded by people who have decided to live their entire life in this stage. The world has been pointing the mistake since day one yet these people insist that they're right. May gamot pa ba dyan? Wala na. Incurable. When you're so determined not to listen, nothing can force you to.

We are poor at judging ourselves and some people may even think that it is I who's still in the first stage but the thing here is I don't force people to do things my way and much more tell them that they're bound to fail just because we don't have similar beliefs. 'Yun pala, ang pinakamahirap sa lahat e 'yung pinipilit ka ng isang tao na maniwala sa kung anong paniniwala niya dahil akala niya tama siya. Subjective naman kasi ang paniniwala at may kanya-kanya tayong values system na pinanghahawakan kaya ano pa pinaglalaban niya, diba?! Lahat naman tayo may kanya-kanyang diskarte sa buhay and if ever I feel that someone's not doing the right thing, tama na 'yung isang sabi then kung magkamali man siya sa huli edi at least natuto siya. To offer alternatives and suggestions is the best thing you can do for someone. Sobrang unfair at improper kasi na masabihan na, "Kaya ka ganyan kasi...", o "Kakaganyan mo, balang araw..." Nakakainis. 

For the record, 'yung mga tao naman na hindi naranasan tumayo sa kinatatayuan mo, wala silang karapatan na husgahan ka lalo na't sabihan ka na hindi mo sila naiintindihan dahil sila, kahit kelan, hindi ka naman nila sinubukan intindihin. Dahil sila, kahit kelan, wala naman ng naging ibang magaling kundi sarili nila. Maari silang magbigay ng payo sa'yo pero hindi na nila trabahong makigulo at magmagaling na isulat ang kwentong dapat ikaw ang gumagawa. Ang hirap kasi sa iba, magaling lang magpuna ng mali ng iba nang hindi man lang isipin kung pano mapupunan ang mga pagkukulang na meron naman din sila. Sabi nga ni Bob Ong, "Walang gamot sa tanga kundi pagkukusa." Sa masakit na salita: 1. tanga na nga sila, hindi pa nila sinubukan matuto. 2. ang kitid na nga ng utak nila, wala pa silang ginawa para mapalawak ng kahit kaunti 'yung paniniwala nila. Kung sabagay, mas madali magmayabang kesa umamin na wala rin naman silang ibubuga. And low lang ng self-esteem? Oh wells, ignorance and arrogance are bliss.

God, give me the patience and wisdom to deal with difficult people.

Friday, August 15, 2014

La Pinay, Cafe Breton, Greenbelt

Sobrang dami kong backlogs na may posibilidad na hindi na makaabot pa rito. Sobrang saya ng buhay, diba? Hindi mo pa nga masyadong na-accept o na-absorb na natapos na ang isang bagay e bibigyan ka na naman ng panibagong pagkakaabalahan na ikatutuwang muli ng puso mo. Lalim much. hahaha

Dahil dyan, congrats La Pinay dahil nakaabot ka rito kahit buwan na ang nabilang mula nang matikman ka ng dila ko. Biro lang! Nalagyan ko na kasi 'to ng watermark kaya ito muna. Pero jokes are half-meant kaya totoo rin 'yung sinabi ko sa taas. Thank you, life for always surprising me with good things. 

This was my first time in Cafe Breton and it was hard to choose among their crepe choices but not surprisingly, I stuck with the safe choice.

La Pinay
it has mango slices inside, vanilla chocolate on top and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

What I love is the contrast in temperature of this crepe. The crepe was served hot so it complements the coldness of the ice cream so well. Aside from that, sweet mango slices complements vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Lahat sila complementing e noh. Nakalimutan ko na kasi huhubells pero masarap itez. :)

No wonder it's one of the favorites there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Starr's Famous Shakes and Chubby Chicken, Katipunan

Katipunan has a lot of restaurants and fastfood joints so the place is always worth visiting. Syempre, with hopes that the traffic is not that heavy but it's very rare that it is not these days. I don't know what has happened but it seems that the traffic situation in the Philippines has worsen. Traffic na rin sa mga lugar na hindi naman usually traffic dati. Tsk.

Pagkain na lang pampa-good vibes.

I think my order was mixberry banana. I don't know what happened to me too but it seems like I'm more inclined to order a strawberry flavored everything these days. I'd usually go for matcha or chocolate but stores offering matcha is rare so it's usually chocolate but these days even if chocolate is an option, I'd still order strawberry. Baguio pls. Hahahaha.

Their milkshake is good and priced less than a hundred pesos. Hindi ko nga namalayan na naubos ko na 'yan agad. 
The fastfood beside Starr's milkshake is Chubby Chicken

It's not the usual double fried/soy garlic chicken because of the garlic sauce. I'm a "dip/sauce-person" if that kind of person exists, gusto ko madalas 'yung may sinasawsawan ehh so the sauce was a plus for me. The serving is huge though I forgot how much the price was but it's less than P 150.00 for two big pieces of chicken. Pwede na! 
Chubby Oreos

With chubby oreos, oh nothing can go wrong when you combine fried oreos with ice cream.

Friday, August 8, 2014

CinemalayaX: A Decade of Connecting Dimensions

Ang bilis ng panahon. Akalain mo nga namang isang dekada na pala 'yan. Joke lang. Ang bilis ng panahon, dagdag lang ng dagdag ang mga gusto kong ilagay dito ngunit walang pagkakataon hanggang sa makalimutan na pero habang fresh pa sa alaala ko ang kahihiyan, ito na muna.

We were at CCP yesterday to watch one of the offerings of this year's CinemalayaX: The Janitor. Dahil hindi naman talaga ko marunong mag-critic, e ipapaubaya ko na lang 'yun sa mga magagaling pero congrats to everyone who is behind the film 'cause it's definitely one of the best. Hindi na mabilang kung gano karaming tao ang nagsabi na maganda ang The Janitor.

I'll show you some pictures from yesterday. Before that, I'd love it if you'll keep the quote, "You'll only regret the chances you didn't take." in mind. Sorry naman kasi sobrang nadala lang ako ng emotions ko talaga.

The moment we arrived CCP, it was just the usual picture-taking. Pang-facebook, pang-blog, pang-Instagram ganyan.
My ticket to the movie. Obviously.
This is my current profile picture in FB and some of my friends were like, "Bakit ka nasa T.V?" "Artista ka na ba?"
This is taken from my audition video for next year's Cinemalaya entry entitled Ngangabells. Hahaha.
Joke. Nag picture lang ako sa TV.
Dennis Trillo and the movie director, Michael Tuviera, gave a short speech before the movie started.

SO HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE MOVIE: Ito talaga 'yung highlight eh.
I have a picture with Sarah Lahbati, Bella Padilla, Rafael Rosel, Dennis Trillo and JC Tiuseco but this picture is my favorite. Ka-selfie ko si Beh/Matthew!

The story behind this picture:

After the movie, we ran towards Dennis who was seated alongside with his actor friends (mga na-mention ko sa taas except the girls). People would naturally approach Dennis since it was his movie diba pero I tried to approach Tom agad after taking a picture of Dennis. Kinalabit ko si Tom and told him, "Pwede magpa-picture?" I had no one with me that time kasi andun sila kay Dennis so I had to rely on my very good skills in taking selfies. So nag-take na nga ko pero pagtingin ko sa picture, chura ko teh! Hinawakan ko siya ulit (Hinawakan ko!! Ghad!!!!! NA-HA-WA-KAN-KO-SI-TOM!! Edi ngayon lang nagsi-sink in nga.) sabay sabi na, "Pwede isa pa?" Sabi niya, "Yes, sure." Tignan mo naman talaga ung hawak ko pero mas malapit kami sa isa't isa dun sa unang picture to think na meron upuan sa gitna namin nyan kaso ang chaka ng fez ko talaga. Hahahaha. Pero pagkatapos namin mag-picture, in-escortan na siya palabas ng theater so I was one of the few who got to take a picture with him. Swerte ko plsss! Thank you, Tom Rodriguez! Nahihiya ko para sa sarili ko pero mission accomplished kaya alam kong naintindihan mo. :)))

Pagkatapos kay Tom, I approached Dennis and nakipag-selfie rin ako sa kanya but it was blurred. We brisk walked (nahiya pa kong sabihin na we ran eh) towards the exit kasi paalis na rin si Dennis. E hindi ko natiis na wala kong matinong picture kasama siya kaya nakipagsiksikan pa rin ako at successful naman (kami). Swerte ko ulit plsss!
Selfie with Dennis Trillo kasama si Ate na hindi ko kilala. Sa cam ko siya nakatingin. Huhubells.
I definitely have no regrets. Sobrang nakakatawa na nakakahiya lalo kasi nakita ko 'yung sarili ko in action. An instagram user uploaded in his/her account a video of us trying to get a selfie with Dennis Trillo. Sabi niya pa, "Dennis Trillo, pinagkaguluhan ng fans." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NAKAKALOKA!!!!!TOMDEN 'YAN EH. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I know you'll be awesome, August.

"It's an in-between house where the change takes place. It's a big step since you can never return to caterpillar life. During the change, it will seem to you or to anyone who might peek that nothing is happening-- but the butterfly is already becoming." - Hope for the Flowers

It's not unusual that we personify animals but from time to time, it really is worthwhile to pause, observe and learn things from them. Ants teach you perseverance; Turtles teach you to take things slowly; Eagles teach you to love the "storms" in your life and use them as your advantages; Dogs teach you loyalty; Caterpillars teach you to be brave and take risks, and last but not the least, Cockroaches teach you to kill... your fears. :))))) Pero basahin niyo talaga 'yung Hope for The Flowers. It's a good book and every time you read it, there would always be something new to discover/realize.

Anyway, I've read an online article which I can no longer search (Nakalimutan ko 'yung website at title nung article) but its content was something like, opportunity is not universal and each that comes our way entails a certain level of responsibility. I always remind myself to be grateful for everything and I'm glad the universe never fails to remind me too. In this case, it (sige na nga, the author of the article) reminded me that I have opportunities that were given to me the moment I was born and I'm very lucky to have the things I have when there are some who can't even dream of having them. The article was just in time 'cause last month was my anniversary as a World Vision sponsor but I was also trying to reduce my expenses, kunyari pumasok na lang sa buhay ko ang prioritizing ganyan kaya pinag-isipan ko ng kaunti kung itutuloy ko pa ba o hindi. This is embarrassing but I forgot the pin code of my old Eastwest Bank ATM (Nasa Singapore kami nung nalaman kong hindi ko pala alam 'yung pin. As in OMG Pano kita nagawang kalimutan ang drama ko. HAHAHA.), I immediately had my card replaced thus my card number was also changed. I had the chance to stop being a sponsor to my child because they won't be able to deduct my monthly contribution anymore but I chose to e-mail them and update my card number. I continued because I want to continue creating an opportunity for someone who's willing to learn yet don't have the means. I am not rich (anymore/yet/insert the most appropriate word here) but I'm blessed and greatly flavored (favored pala. Hahaha. Claim natin 'yan plssss.) so in my small sacrifices, I know that I'd be able to make ends meet and I know that I'd be able to set aside the money that I'll spend to bless others as well.

I don't know yet what August has in store for me but cheers for my another year of existence. Thank you, world at hindi ka nagsasawa na buhayin at turuan ang isang kagaya ko. Hehe. <3
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