Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tony Moly's Blackhead Steam Balm Review

I am not really into facial scrubs but I bought this because of the blackheads I have in my nose. -_- I was looking for their nose strips (the most effective nose strip for me), but it was out of stock. 

The packaging is cute but bulky.

What made this interesting is that it is pegged as a self-heating balm that removes oils and dirt. And that it doesn't contain parabens.
Gently massage on face for 3-5 minutes then rinse. Remember that a little of this product goes a long way.

My face got softer after I used this but the blackheads were still there although looked smaller. I guess one has to use this for twice a week to see better results.

Other Korean Beauty products that I have reviewed:

Tony Moly's Magic Lip Tint in Green Apple link: here.
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Etude House's 10 in 1 Wonder Pore Freshener link: here.

Revisiting Hanayo Korean Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant

It is almost a year since we first ate here and I've tried several restaurants as well but Hanayo Grill in Tomas Morato remains as one of my favorite Korean Restaurants/ Eat-All-You-Can places.

Aside from the unlimited iced tea, I didn't notice other changes but I am posting this here because of my companions' request na, "Ilagay mo rin naman picture namin sa post mo!" Oh so, ito na nga!! Buti kung lahat ng post ko ay may mukha ko e, noh? Bihira lang din naman ako magpakita. Haha. 
Note: Mas okay na review 'yung first post ko, please refer to that. Ipo-post ko lang 'to para sa mga pictures nila. 

The price is around P 550.00/person which is not bad kasi ice cream pa lang, bawi na.

Hanayo Grill has sushi and kimbap in their options. Hihi
Even if three years have passed since I first tried Samgyeopsal, I still crave for it once in a while.

제일 좋아하는 한국음식
Different meat options for the grill. 
Love it that these ice creams are buffet inclusive.
Pabebe Girls
Walang makakapigil sa braso kooooo! hahaha. 

또 올게요. :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Coz Ang Dami Kong Time... :))

It's a holiday today and I was supposed to watch Inside Out for the second time but the seats in Trinoma have all been reserved so I opted to stay home. 

Super dami kong time I had this impulsive decision to purchase a domain for my blog. Lam mo 'yun, this is currently but I wanted to change it to ----------.COM, so I went to a web hosting site and tried to purchase but then something undesirable happened. P 800+ (around $20) was debited in my account but it turned out to be an unsuccessful transaction. My first time ever so I panicked for a while there. I don't know exactly what went wrong or where the dispute is but I would have to wait for a banking day and for my money to be credited back in my account. Pag hindi, &^$*!#%^@)!! 

Anyway, I put watermarks in my pictures today. Instead of my URL, I put my name as the watermark just because. Hahaha! De, pu-push ko na kasi na kumuha ng sariling domain kaya pinalitan ko na ng pangalan ko saka mas madali 'yan dahil software na naglalagay. Huhuhu. Bakit pa kasi nag-dispute! Problema pa tuloy. 

Also, I should get myself an external hard drive soon because my laptop has too much pictures already. Sana makabili before September ends! 

Dahil diyan, I'll be showing you some of my many pictures from last year to present. Mahaba 'to but this is a product of procrastination. Dapat kasi 'yung mga mas bago na pero katamad mag-isip kasi. 

Notice my weight fluctuations or hindi fluctuations, palaki lang ng palaki. :)))

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."

The pictures below are pieces of my life's jigsaw puzzle. I declare that these are all going to make sense someday. Hihi.
Labasin Waterfalls
Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort
April 2014

Why? kasi medyo mapayat pala ko nun pero nung time na 'to, 'yung mga kasama ko sinasabihan na ko ng "Tumaba ka!" So pano pa ngayon diba? haha! Plus, this was the start of it all. :)) Nag-start halos magsunod-sunod 'yung alis ko nung April last year.

Candaba, Pampanga
January 2015

I wasn't able to blog about this but this was taken in Candaba Swamp.

Why? Kakapa-rebond ko lang.
Maxims Hotel
Genting Highlands, Malaysia
May 2014

Why? I'm looking forward to visiting Malaysia again especially Genting and Cameron Highlands. And, Malaysia's the first foreign country that I've gone to so it'll always be special for me. :))
"Pulag Training"
Tanay, Rizal
November 2014

I wasn't able to blog about this before but this was the time I realized enjoying life doesn't have to mean enjoying spending a lot. Charoooot! Hahaha. 

Why? Because ang ganda ng mountains sa likod at ako. :)) 
Mt. Pulag Summit
November 2014

Why? My favorite sunrise yet. Looking forward to that sunrise which would replace this as my favorite.
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa Island, Singapore
May 2014

Why? I hope to be back in Singapore soon. May maganda na kong camera, universe!!! hahaha. Ready na for Singapore Ver. 2.0. Or 'yung tipong, "I went to Singapore wearing a Tokyo shirt, I'll be going to Tokyo wearing an SG shirt." Ang taray. 
Mines View Park
Baguio City
August 2014

Why? I fell inlove with CAR because of our Baguio trip. I still look forward to seeing Baguio again and to try going to Sagada though I don't have an idea when will that push through.
SHP Bibimbap Korean Cafe
Taft Avenue, Manila
September 2014

Why? A lot of things can happen/change in a span of one year. There may have been mistakes but we have definitely made more right choices. Forward lang tayo, infinitely forward. :))

I wonder what next September would be like. Tipong baka may bago na kong wrist watch. Hahahaha!
Boracay de Cavite
Ternate, Cavite
June 2014

Why? First and definitely not the last time that I'll be sleeping in a tent and for this quote kasi may tide 'yung picture ---> "She was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her, eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity of land or the wild freedom of the ocean," - Beau Taplin
Vivo City Shopping Mall
May 2014

Why? Panahon na para bumili ng bagong shorts. Hahaha. E sa madali kasing i-impake 'yan! Haha. Jk. Why kasi kilig na kilig pa ko kay Lee Min Ho nito. It was because of him that I started to take interest in South Korea and my life was changed because of that. :)
He may be the reason why I started but it's because of the gifts of new friendships, language and learning that I'm staying. It was fun while it lasted and I'm forever thankful pero maluwag na sa pusong sabihin na magsama sila ng Bae niya.

 Now, universe. Take me to Korea! ;)
Campuestohan Highlands
Talisay, Negros Occidental
June 2015

Why? Wala lang. Nakakainis 'yung buhok ko ngayon. Nagpapa-rebond na ulit e sa December pa kami pwede. -_-  

Ay kasi pala enjoy sa Danjugan Island! 
Cebu City
January 2015

Why? Isaw Party kasi kami kahapon mga Aldub fans. Hahaha! 
Kalanggaman Island
April 2015

Why? This year's goal is put others before self and I made that happen in Leyte. Minsan, bumabalik pa rin sa isip ko 'yung what if pero tuwing inaalala ko 'yung panahon na nasa Leyte ako, umo-okay 'yung feeling kasi kung iniba ko 'yung desisyon ko nun, hindi ko siguro nagawa 'yung "others before self". Kasi so far, 'yan talaga nangyayari eh. Saya lang :)) Mapapagbigyan naman ako sa gusto ko, di pa lang ito 'yung right time. Pero darating 'yun, claim lang ng claim.
Ugong Rock
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
July 2015

Why? Hindi ko pa kasi napo-post. Thankful that I am able to do activities like this. Akalain mong nagkasya ko sa maliliit na open spaces sa cave. Hahaha!
Subic Safari
Subic, Zambales
May 2015

Why? Wala lang. Trip lang. Naubusan na ko ng salita. Hahaha!
El Nido
Palawan, Philippines
July 2015

Why? Saan naman kaya ako next birthday ko? :)))

These are just some of the many pictures that I'm more than grateful to have. Sino nga bang maga-akala na pagbibigyan ako ng ganito? Sa lahat ng raket, sakripisyo, at kung anuanong ginawa at pinagdaanan ko... hahaha! I'm definitely a changed person kahit hindi halata. Sana magtuloy-tuloy pa. I don't have plans yet for my life's travel department (though meron next year. *pabebe cross fingers*) but suprise me, universe!!! Wala kong plano para pag meron e ma-grab ko agad. Ikaw na bahala. hehe!
Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. - Zig Ziglar

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Maipilit lang! OH GOSH. HAHAHA. Katunog naman. :))

Fifteen days after posting my Oh Hey August post, I am posting this just because. Hehe.

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on
Today is Aldub's fifth weeksary and I'm still hooked.

I have always been a solid Dabarkads though I don't get to watch them everyday but since Aldub happened, I look forward to the video uploaded in their Facebook page every night.

We all know that this phenomenon/fever/addiction, whatever we call this thing was an accident. I know that this is not in the plan but look at where it is now. 

If there are three things that I want to (re)learn from this Kalyeserye they are: 1) I can't please everybody. 2) I will allow life to surprise me. 3) I will embrace changes and thrive.

It was just a simple kilig moment of Yaya Dub when she realized that Alden was watching her and suddenly, SURPRISE!!!! It was the birth of the well-loved split screen loveteam, Aldub. <3

 The segment was for Problem Solving... but Eat Bulaga let go and embraced the change then it was the birth of the first ever Kalyeserye, Kiligpamore (Kung 'yan nga 'yung title o tuko ba? Haha!)

Diba, galing lang sa isang pabebe wave e nagkakagulo na tayong lahat?! Naiisip mo ba what if hindi nila pinansin 'yung, "Uy si Yaya nako-conscious kay Alden!" ni Allan K. kasi hindi naman 'yun 'yung segment? Edi wala tayong Kalyeserye ngayon. :)) 

Hahahaha. Pero ito, para relevant sa'tin lahat what if 'yung kung anong ginawa ng EB sa show nila (No wonder strong pa rin after 36 years!), e i-apply natin sa mga buhay natin? Nai-imagine o nai-isip mo ba kung gano kalaki 'yung potential na meron tayo? Kaya go. Pag may opportunity kahit wala sa plano e go lang. Malay natin. :) 

Sabi nga ni Gina Greenlee, "Cultivate the art of maximizing serendipitous opportunities."

My fangirling side is alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic these past several days.

We Got Married's Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon (I feel sad that they're leaving the show though but I'm hoping that they're dating in real life!), Eat Bulaga's Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza and last but definitely not the least, ang pinakauna kong kinaadikan - John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Tuwang tuwa ako when I went home the other night and someone sent me the link of the trailer of One More Chance 2!!!! Pag walang lovelife, sa ganito na lang talaga kukuha ng kilig, noh? Hahahaha! Keri lang. Sabi nga ni Lola Nidora, "Sa tamang panahon..." :))))))) Wooo. EXCITED NA KO SA MOVIE PLS!! At sana makita ko naman sila JLC sa personal. Bakit ba ang laki-laki ng mundo namin at hindi ko sila mahagilap o ma-tyempuhan kung saan? haha!
A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on
I have yet to start my Palawan series posts. What's making it hard for me to begin is the process of selecting which pictures to include in the blog posts. El Nido and Puerto Princesa are so beautiful that it's difficult to decide which photos should I not include.

On another note, I read that a tourist died in Coron. It seemed like he stepped on a poisonous coral or something but I have yet to confirm what the real cause of his death was. Pero ganun, sa corals o sa marine life ang sisi. 

All the time naman, andun 'yung hazard ng mga ganyan when we travel. Yes, it could have been prevented if there was a proper first aid or a better hospital facility in Coron but still, it's unfortunate that it's still far from happening. Nakakalungkot lang. Sabi nila, "Coron isn't ready yet for tourists arrivals." Haaay. Hindi lang naman tourists eh. Bisita lang kami. Sana lang, hindi lang para sa tourists kundi para sa locals e magkaroon ng mas maayos na hospitals. 

I still would like to believe that there would come a time when...

  • we, especially those living in the remote places of our country, will have access to great healthcare services. 
  • all inhabited islands will have their own hospitals and schools. Hospitals hindi para maging ready for tourists ang isang lugar kundi hospitals dahil may mga locals din naman na nagkakasakit. 
  • all roads (bridges, highways etc.) are well-paved.
  • we're no longer hassled by the severe traffic congestion. Hello sa DOTC chief na nagsabing hindi fatal ang traffic dito sa'tin. Not burdensome to the daily lives of Filipinos? Hindi po siguro kayo lumalabas ng bahay pag rush hour, hindi niyo pa po siguro nararanasan ma-stuck sa traffic ng more than four hours minsan pag dumadaan ng C5 o EDSA. Haaaaay. :(
  • we'll have better transportation system. Better MRT and LRT pls lang!
  • going anywhere feels safe from snatchers, opportunists, hold-uppers and the likes.
Umaasa pa rin ako sa isang mas maayos na Pilipinas. Kapit lang!!!!!!! Pag susukuan natin 'to, lalo lang mawawalan ng pag-asa. Huhuhu.
'Yung concern ko last time, well, sinuko ko na. :) 'Yung Yes kasi na hinihintay ko, dumating na 'yon pero hindi ko pinansin but the good news is I am not brokenhearted about it anymore dahil sobrang bilis ko naman ata ever mag-move on. hahaha. Charot lang. Sabi kasi ulit ni Gina, "Relinquish the notion of lost opportunity and try on a new reality: Where I am is where I’m supposed to be.”  May reason 'yun pagshonga-shonga ko kaya enough na 'yung kaka- "Sana pala..." ko. hehe. It may have taken time for me to forgive myself (mga 1 week haha!) but I am letting go of my what ifs and I'm ending this chapter of my life already to give myself peace. Tama na kaka-desire sa isang bagay na hindi mo nahawakan. May better naman na darating! 

Lakas ulit maka-lesson learned nito ah. Hahaha. Pag maulit 'yung ganitong eksena, jump and the net will appear! (Hindi literal) hihi. Bahala na. Keri. Next pls! :D

Life isn't perfect but we can always find something to be grateful for.

May we live a life open to surprises!
God bless. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Uncle Cheffy, Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills

Uncle Cheffy launched their Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings last July 29 and I'm so happy I was able to try it. 

So what is it?
For only P 199+ per person, you get to eat unlimited Roast Chicken, Fried Chicken and Pork Cracklings. Isn't this a good deal? Unlimited na. Masarap and affordable pa. 

Let the eating begin!
Your first plate is a sampler plate of the three available viands and once you're done eating this, you may choose which one you like best or ask for all three again.  I liked the fried chicken best, second is the pork crackling and last but not the least, the roasted chicken,
I was asking kuya waiter for another piece of pork crackling when I took this picture. 
Uncle Cheffy's known for their best brick-oven pizza and panizza. Hihi.

P 395.00
Uncle Cheffy Favorites
Oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic, anchovy, chili flakes, basil and three cheese.

This is my first time eating panizza and I must say that I liked this a lot. No wonder they're claiming that they have the best panizza! 
For dessert, we had this Cheffy Cheesecake, P 150,00

I liked this because it's like having three kinds of cheesecake in one. hehe. It's a combination of Oreo, Brownie and Plain Cheesecake,
Italian Leche Flan
P 130.00

I liked this because it's firm and not too sweet.
This promo may be good for 90 minutes only but time is more than enough, trust me. Busog na busog ako in less than an hour. Haha!

Branches where the P 199.00 is offered are as follows:

Bluewave Stripmall, Marikina 
Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City 
Venice Piazza McKinley Hills, Taguig City 

Solenad Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City Laguna

 The promo is until October 31, 2015 only. Go na!

Thank you, Uncle Cheffy for having us!

Like their facebook page here for more updates on their current and upcoming promos.

Thank you, Aldous of for organizing this event. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled Challenge!!!!

I won't show you the complete video we recorded when we were doing the challenge but I have uploaded a part in my Instagram account that I'll be embedding below.

When we watched the Minions movie, I reserved the tickets online so we were early and had the time to roam around the mall. We have always looked for this in candy stores so when we saw one, I immediately bought a box.

I was really curious as to how each tastes like because as you can read (or probably not), the jelly beans in the left column have the weirdest and most disgusting flavors.

I was lucky, though, to have tasted only four of them namely: baby wipes, toothpaste, lawn clippings and, by far the most delicious flavor I've eaten my whole life, BARF. So good that hours after I ate it, I still felt the barf sensation in my throat.  Yes, it felt like I was eating other person's barf. This is one of a kind experience, would definitely buy one again and try to trick someone who's not aware that these jellybeans exist. Hahaha! 

Hats off to those who formulated the tastes. I would love to know how they invented the weird flavors. Oo, igu-google ko na. :))
A video posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Matcha Treats: Oreo and Pocky Products from Puregold Duty Free

Mahilig ako sa chocolates simula pa nung bata ako kaya nung nakapag-overnight kami sa Subic dati at unang beses ko lang makapasok sa Duty Free, sabi ng nanay ko e hindi raw ako magkanda-ugaga katatakbo sa shelves na pinaglalagyan ng mga tsokolate at hindi ako makapili.

Nung bumalik naman ako sa Puregold Dutyfree nito nang mahilig ako sa matcha, hindi pa rin ako magkanda-ugaga. Hindi katatakbo kundi kaiisip dahil hindi rin ako makapili kasi nga kulang sa chaching. Hahaha! Some things don't change. Iba pa rin reaction ko everytime may makita akong bagay na gustong-gusto ko. hahahahahaha. Di ko na kasi ma-control pag nakakakita ako ng kahit anong matcha. -_-

Sakit sa puso nito but thank you, Puregold Duty Free for selling matcha products. It was a problem that I was glad to have. It's not you, it's me kaya masakit sa puso. BAKIT KASI ANG PRICEY NG MGA GUSTO KO SA BUHAY?!

Matcha soft cookie oreos (paki-arrange na lang sa tamang order 'yung words)

I did not buy this because I like it, I bought it as per my cousin's son's request. Ako siguro may kasalanan bakit mahilig na rin siya sa matcha kaya binilhan ko na.

He liked it that he almost finished everything but as for me, not too much because it seemed like the chocolate taste overpowered the matcha and that's unacceptable for (someone like) me. Haha!! Still and an interesting combination so definitely worth trying. Arte lang ako.
I saw this before in Family Mart although I don't know what its name is.
Instead na nakabalot sa chocolate na almond 'yung kasama, matcha flavor 'yung stick and then matcha bits 'yung nagpapalutong. This one's interesting too but it's not something that I'd buy again. Arte ko diba? hahaha. Nabawasan na kasi talaga 'yung pagka-like ko sa chocolates. You'd taste the chocolate more than the matcha bits so I prefer the one below.
Ito 'yung mapayat at matangkad na version ng Midi Matcha. Bitin lang because a box has only two foil containers but I like this the most among the three.
Balanced ang matcha taste and creaminess but if I were to choose, I'd still for for the Midi Matcha. Bakit??? Iba pa rin kaming mga chubby! Hahahaha!

These three matcha products are for those who prefer subtle matcha flavor. Creamy at andun pa rin 'yung lasa ng matcha pero hindi in your face na, "Oy!! Green tea ako!" gets or not... end of post. :))

Akalain mong 12 weeks ago na 'to. hahahaha!! Di bale, meron nga kong mga pictures na lagpas na one year eh. Wala na kasi atang relevance kaya forever na silang hindi maipo-post sa blogosphere unlike pag matcha, forever relevant :)))

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shawarma Bros, Bonifacio Stopover, BGC

I was finally able to go back in the area where I spent most of my days before, Bonifacio Global City.

 You know what frustrates me? It's that we found it hard to find a decent and affordable meal before aside from fastfood chains and yet they are almost everywhere in BGC now. Oo, BGC, kung kelan sobrang bihira na ko makapunta dyan. -_-

One of those that I have tried is Shawarma Bros at Bonifacio Stopover which offers reasonably-priced meals without compromising the product quality.

Order here.
They were a food truck before deciding to put up their flagship restaurant for stability.

I'm slow at noticing things like this pero mukhang truck pala 'yung order area at may pedestrian lane pa oh. hehehe. 
They are not claiming that they are offering authentic Persian and Mediterranean cuisine but as to what I have tried, their food tastes close to authentic and it is actually good in its own way. 
I love the idea of printing out Instagram screenshots and posting them there for other diners to see.
Syempre diba, when you're taking time editing your Instagram-worthy picture, one thing that would make you prouder other than having an awesome IG feed is when the establishments you Instagrammed or other people recognize/appreciate your post. 
This was my order
Beef Shawarma Rice with Keema Meal
P 229.00

The first thing I noticed when they served me my food is that the serving size is big.
Cheese and Garlic Yogurt Dip

You get to choose two sauces for your food.

I liked the garlic yogurt dip more than the cheese. Maybe it's because I was having rice that I didn't appreciate the cheese sauce that much. 
One thing you'd notice when you're eating with your fellow bloggers is how everyone is taking time taking pictures of the food that it gets cold before one is able to have his/her first bite. 

No regrets and not complaining because this is HOW we usually are. Mas komportable nga kesa 'yung kakain ka kasama 'yung hindi mahilig magkuha ng pictures kasi kailangan mo pa magpaliwanag at pigilan silang kumain agad. Haha.

My order was beef but it wasn't greasy so I had no problem eating my food even if it has already gotten a bit cold.
A closer look of the printed out Instagram posts. 
Drop by, experience their food, be part of the story and celebrate friendships at Shawarma Bros.

BGC Stopover Pavillion, corner of 31st Street and Rizal Drive, Taguig

Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am-1:15am

Sat: 11am-10pm

Sun: 11am-9pm

Like them on Facebook: here.

Follow them on Instagram: @shawarmabros

A big thanks to Abe of Shawarma Bros for having us and to Aldous of for organzing this event. :)

Churreria La Lola, Powerplant

I was in Rockwell looking for the restaurant where I bought my matcha powder last year but I wasn't able to find it. Hahaha! Hindi ko alam kung bangag lang talaga ko o wala na 'yung restuarant pero 'yun nga, I failed to purchase. San pa ba meron??? :(

To appease myself, I tried Churreria La Lola. 
I tried this mainly because the long lines have always made me curious.
Nakita ko rin kasi sila before sa SM Aura. 
Churros Clasicos

Large (12 pcs.) P 195.00
Hot Chocolate Dip (Large) P 100.00

Infairness naman, I kind of got surprised upon seeing the price. Inisip ko na lang na nasa Rockwell ako kasi. What should I expect, diba? But t
hen I got my order and I instantly thought that paying that much was reasonable. Sulit na.
 Ang laki ng churros nila that we only two pieces and took the rest home. 

They're freshly fried (in olive oil), the skin was crispy but the inside was soft. But as a chocolate lover, what made me like this more is their Hot Chocolate Dip. 
Yes, this is simply one of the most delicious churros I've eaten. Gustong gusto ko na nga inumin 'yung dip, pero ininom ko naman sa bahay na nga lang. hahaha!

E diba nga, churros con chocolate  'to? Meron bang churros con matcha?! Tanong lang or request lang sa ibang nagbebenta ng churros. Baka kasi bagay. :)
The only thing I didn't like was their location.

It was so uncomfortable because as I've said, the line in La Lola is oftentimes long and those people who come and go at the store would see you eating. Medyo awkward for me. Although I'm not dismissing the idea that you're not supposed to eat this sitting down. 'Yung packaging kasi, mukhang pwede mong hawakan kaya pwede kang kumain habang namamasyal.

Heard they now have a branch here in UPTC. Good job!
Puntahan niyo na kami lahat sa North!!! Hihi. <3
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