Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell

Went out with friends in Pasig Area (specifically Phil Sports Arena) and were torn on where we're going to eat. We had four choices: a resto in Kapitolyo, Mom and Tina's, somewhere in BGC but decided to head to Sunrise Buckets at the Grove just across Tiendesitas. 

It's my first time eating in Sunrise Buckets but my friends' nth. We had a lot of stories to share so we opted to stay in the open-air area not to disrupt other customers inside the restaurant. I didn't get to enter but observing from outside: it's a surfing-themed restaurant and it looks so fun. The next time I/we go there, I/we HAVE to stay inside.

Jack Daniel's
And what I liked best among the three: Sunrise Original
And my drink, Carribean Iced Tea.
Tastes like Skittles though I first blurted out it tastes like air freshener. haha. I got used to the taste after a few sips though.

I liked that they have plastic gloves so eating these wings was easy.

Well, I don't eat buffalo wings that much and this is actually the first time I posted about buffalo wings in this blog. I've said this here before but I dislike wings and would always prefer the thigh part of chicken.

Back to Sunrise Buckets, Sunrise Original got me and I'm craving for so much more 
that I think I can finish a bucket alone.

But as much as I crave for it, there's no way I can frequent this restaurant so see you in several months, SB. First is because of the location, I dislike being around Pasig tbh because I might see someone I don't want to see ever again (joke!) and the price is way beyond my food budget. But as I've said in this post, it's okay to splurge once in a while as long as the foods are great so no regrets that I paid more than P 500.00 for my dinner (not to mention that I was also enjoying a good company of friends). Our bill amounted P 2,200.00 for three variants of buffalo wings, 4 cups of rice, two glasses of Carribean iced tea (with refill) and two glasses of rootbeer float.

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