Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Unlimited Pork and Beef, anyone?

If you've visited this blog for a lot of times already, I'm pretty sure that you know about my affinity for Korean Cuisine. 

But if you haven't, I'd like to tell you a quick background; It was May last year when I first visited an authentic Korean Restaurant in Adriatico. And right there and then, I fell inlove with Samgyeopsal or what they call SsangChuSam. (lettuce wrap) then the rest is history... and my fingers are still crossed hoping that I'd be able to visit and explore South Korea someday.

I occasionally have Korean Cuisine cravings and I don't know if this is something to be proud of or not, but it seems that I have already influenced someone into liking Hansik too. hahahaha! Well, she's a foodie herself so I don't think I caused her harm. It's good to explore international cuisines sometimes, right?

Okay, we both had cravings for Korean Cuisine and just ala carte meals won't do, here's MatGalNe Restaurant in Makati (beside St. Giles Hotel) If you're not familiar with the place, you can reach this by hiring a cab from MRT Buendia station. That's P 50.00 per person. Yup, ganun sila sa Makati. hehe.

This is actually my third time visiting the restaurant. The first time I had blogged about here. The second, I wasn't able to eat because I arrived real late (almost 4 PM, our meeting time was lunch) that my friends were already preparing for the second round of our bonding.  Nevertheless, it was because of that second time that I was able to see the new, revamped and more sulit Mat Gal Ne Jib Restaurant so that day, I thought that I need to go back and try it there again.


It is said that a proof if a restaurant is authentic is when you see a lot of natives dining and here at MatGalNe you'd see a lot of Korean people. What could that mean? hehe. Of course, that means that their foods are great and authentic.
This picture the summarizes the reason why I went there. 

Sesame Oil with pepper, soybean paste, lettuce and pork/beef slices.

I missed you, SsangChuSam!!
So much that I won't leave until stuffing myself enough of your fatty goodness. And when I say enough, it's the almost gluttonous level... as usual.   
Here's my first plate.
Kimchi, Kimbap, Pajeon, Bulgogi etc.

Until the last day of June, you get unlimited slices of beef and pork for a discounted price of only P 299.00/person for a lunch buffet.
Bibimbap Jr.
I made mine in a small bowl because I don't think my stomach can still handle much.
 I don't always order drinks when I'm eating out to cut the cost of my meal and I don't really like drinking sodas.

Why the soda then, you ask...

Because when we asked the Ate to give us another bottle of service water, she told us there's no more left. We then ordered two cans of Coca Cola immediately
, and then that rude Ate gave us a bottle of water without words only with dabog. Ano ba 'yan sa English? hahaha. Di ko alam e, basta nagdabog siya, malakas niyang pinatong 'yung bote ng tubig sa mesa.

Still the same issue. We had a bad experience with the servers before too. But I can say they've improved A LOT so let us not focus on the negative because you get really good Korean food for the price. 

Although I wasn't able to get her name nor give her tip, please, find the polite Ate and smile at her for us. We really appreciated that she tried her best to be attentive and serve us with smile eventhough we know she was tired too. For that other Ate whose face I forgot and name I didn't thought of getting, tsktsk.

I don't know if it's in Metrodeal nor Ensogo but I heard that they sell online vouchers too. And probably this was the reason why the owner asked my friend about how we got to know her restaurant because we don't have vouchers, and obviously we're not Korean.

Naturally, my friend would point me and when I asked the owner what was it... I answered, 

왜요? (Why?)
오, 한국 분이세요? (Are you Korean?)
아니요, 그냥 한국말을 배운 사람이에요. (No, just someone who learned Korean)
etc etc etc...

My gaaaash, bat ba ko nag waeyo! hahahaha! Lol. At least I still remembered what I had learned several months back, at napa-English din naman ako bago pa 'ko mag-nosebleed.

If you're planning on going there because you saw this blog post and she asked you how did you get to know the place, answer: 

블로그를 읽었어요: Beu-log-geu-reul-il-geoss-eo-yo: I read a blog.

Toinks. hahahaha! Joke lang pero mukhang tama naman 'yang translation. ^_^

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