(I)'m (T)hankful (F)or


(T)oday (I)'m (T)hankful (F)or

I was thinking if I should make a different blog where I'd be putting these things in and let this blog remain impersonal but... yea, I'm doing so much compartmentalization so I'll just combine everything here and I'm actually too lazy to create another one and with my super creative mind, it's difficult to think of another URL and blog title.

Do you have something that healed you? Or at least helped you get over or gave you the strength to do something? I have! And it's writing. I've always been a closet (and feeling) writer. When I was younger I'd write a diary every night and some poems which I can't remember where they are now. Upon growing up, nights became so busy I can no longer find time for it and I'd rather sleep than write. Then one day I just had the will to write again and by then, I decided to do it in English to hone my skills too and for my love of taking pictures, I decided to sign up for blogger and hence, the birth of this blog (in January 2012). Writing (blogging) has been healing me little by little. Expressing my thoughts like this is somehow therapeutic that even the vaguest of the vague sentences have been mediums in sharing the things I'd rather not tell personally unless asked. Not to mention the (unexpected) perks of being a blogger. When I read before that blogging can be a form of investment, it's got to be real. :))

I've thought that maybe I can include some I.T.F in my posts here from time to time. Why not, right?

1. I.T.F - I was thinking of something while going home (particularly while I was waiting for a jeepney) and I unknowingly stared off into space. Then this guy who passed by me tapped me and said, "Ate, bawal 'yan sa daan baka masagasaan ka a." Of course, at first, I was like "WTF? Paki niya ba?!" Then sooner I came to realize that being dazed in that area (actually everywhere e, you have to be alert!) is really dangerous. So T.I.T.F for that nosy guy for tapping me.

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