D.I.Y Fried Oreos

It has been more than four years since I first tasted Wicked Oreos in a restaurant at Katipunan Avenue. Right at my first spoonful, it was really good but I also thought that it would be easy to make it at home too. 

Here's a recipe and a pictures guide for do-it-yourself fried oreos.

This is already my third attempt.
Looking at all the ingredients, can you still think of any possible reason why fried oreos wouldn't taste good if properly done? None, right? 'Cause apparently, each of its ingredients is perfect on its own.

Selecta Ice Cream - P 120.00 (This is served with Vanilla ice cream but for more flavors. hehe.)
Maya Pancake Mix - P 68.50
UFC Palmoil - P 31.25
Oreo Cookies - P 72.50

Total : P 292. 25

You'd have 24 pieces of fried oreos, and an extra pack of pancake mix since a pack is enough to coat all 24 pieces of oreos. 
Mix the pancake mix as per instruction of what you've bought.
I preferred mine to be the "Just add water" variant.
Dip your oreos and coat them in the batter.

Deep fry.
Well, technically, this isn't deep fried but this did what has to be done.

To fry oreos until golden brown. hehehe

Not the most photogenic wicked oreos of all but yea, still good specially when served immediately.

You'd love the contrast of the cold ice cream and the newly-fried oreos.

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