Adobo Connection: Adobo Flakes

I had a hard time choosing my meal given the numerous options in a food court, I also wanted to eat something priced below P 100.00 so I stuck with Adobo Connections.

It was my first time but I've heard that their foods are great so I had no worries at first. Another reason why I chose Adobo Flakes was to have vinegar as my dip... but look how burnt the meats were. Didn't not taste like Adobo, and not even meat to be honest.
I seriously think I wasted my P 100.00 on this meal... yes, when I'm trying to save, I ended up throwing P 100.00 on a meal with vinegar, fried egg, rice, small glass of iced tea, soup that tasted like what you're getting when eating instant noodles and burnt meat.

On another note, I'm really having a hard time typing and using my netbook because the page down, page end and zero keys are all broken since yesterday. -_- 

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