Campus Korea @ UST

I was in UST this afternoon as one of Campus Korea's backstage people. 
What was my role there? 비밀이다.

Campus Korea is a symposium which exposes the audience to Korean Culture and Tourism. Alongside with this is the Culture Caravan from KCC or the Korean Cultural Center that was in Albertus Magnus Building Lobby.

The stage of Med Auditorium.
Aside from the presentations, there was also a raffle and prizes such as cellphones, round trip to Korea etc. were given to some lucky audiences. 부럽다.

Ako? Kailan? Kailan kaya? Hahaha. Exposed na exposed na 'ko oh. hahaha! 

나도 진짜 가고싶다.
 언젠가 한국 언젠가.

 꼭 가야겠다.

Glad that I told someone that I was going there. We met up after the event, attended mass and ate in P.Noval and Dapitan areas. 

My order was I forgot the name but it's caramel with whipped cream for P 55.00 in Coffee Indulgence.

It's like a frap from a sossy coffeeshop, only way cheaper.
And sharksfin with rice for P 40.00 in Dimsum Express.

Super filling. I wasn't even able to eat all four sharksfin 'cause they were so big! Though, I enjoyed my previous order, that is Japanese siomai more.

Okay, so I don't normally write about these things but what can I do? When I have no backlogs to post anymore. hahaha!

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