Calatagan's Beach with Water Shortage

We spent a day and a half at Calatagan, Batangas.
 (that's whole day and went home noon the next day)

I'd rather not mention the name of the resort but it's near their Parola or Lighthouse.

Hello there, Tagaytay's Sky Eye!
Taken around 3 A.M
The beach when we arrived.
 Lighthouse is there on the right side.
Sunrise and the two mangroves.
We were in the mountainous area of Batangas and I was told that island across the beach was already Mindoro.
BB sweater and my newly bought colorful rag socks in Calatagan market for P 20.00/pair. Gonna be useful during the next season.
Just to took a nap and where did all the water go?!
Good for the dogs though, they had a playground the whole afternoon.

It reminded me of the ocean in Ilocos when we went to Kapurpurawan rock formation, their shore is almost similar to this. I learned that beaches with frequent low tides usually have a lot of seagrasses in the shore area. Picture: here

Because of the usual long low tide, their shore is considered a photic zone or sunlight zone. The water level is shallow enough for photosynthesis to occur and in the long run those grasses grow an underwater meadow which houses several marine lives such as snails, small crabs, starfishes and small fishes. Grasses proved that the water in that resort is of good quality and has minimal disturbances because only when these qualifications are reached do seagrass beds grow.
Just have to give props to the beautiful sunset and sunset lights. 
Hello there, morning!
But the moon's still in the sky though.
Hello there, blue Patrick Starfish!

The water's so clear, you can even see your feet and corals when you look down. But you really have to walk/swim far from the shore because the shoreline and the shore area is full of sea grasses.

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