Stacy's, Capitol Hills

The interior of Stacy's so cute not to mention the nice view outside the building (overlooking somewhere).

While I was watching the drama, Rooftop Prince, I craved for Omu-Rice for a lot of times and when I had the chance to order it, I did.

Complimentary Appetizer

And this is my order.
It filled me up, okay but didn't make me happy that much.
The price was expensive (though ganun naman talaga 'yung price range nila) so I was expecting a more special omu-rice. Hahaha. My bad, really, because the desciption's in the mneu but I decided to ignore and still order even if it's only made of spam, mushroom, rice and egg.

The next time I crave for omu-rice (though unlikely na) I'll just cook my own. 
Free dessert?
Na-wrong order lang ako this time.

And again, the place is really cute! Para kang nasa doll house.

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