Campville's Food Industries, G.B Daza Longganisa, Racelis Miki at Lucban, Quezon

These sites are where some of the most famous Quezon delicacies/pasalubong are produced.
Taking pictures isn't allowed inside the production area so this is just to show you how their products look like.

They have broas, apas etc. sold at 3 for P 100.00

Address: 125, Don V. Cadelina Street, Lucban, 4328, Quezon

Is it langgonisa? All along I thought that this is called longganisa. Whatevs.

Address: 42 Avenida St. Lucban, Quezon

Their store is near Lucban Church
Production area.
P 70.00/dozen for regular size
P 140.00/dozen for jumbo size

These longganisas are not the type of longganisa we have here in NCR. Lucban longganisa is a combination of garlicky and sour taste that is perfect to be dipped in vinegar with garlic. huhuhu. Sorop
From G.B Daza, we walked to Lucban Church, to this cemetery below and eventually to Racelis.
Creepy but not so creepy cemetery
Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal are the two peaks you'll see around Quezon Province.
The yin and yang of Quezon.

It was said that these mountains possess good and bad energies. Mt. Banahaw, an extinct volcano, is said to have healing and mystical powers that's why it's also called holy mountain. Mt. Cristobal, on the other hand, is said to be a devil's mountain.
"Ang ganda! (ng mga bundok)"
"Thank you!"

Akala ko kung sinong engkantada 'yung sumagot ng thank you eh. hahaha. 'Yung Ate pala sa bahay na dinaanan namin pag lingon ko. 

After mixing flour, water, salt and lye. The dough is then shaped like your regular noodles, air dried then baked.
Kainin ko kayo lahat eh.

The walk from Lucban church to Racelis is a little bit long which could get more tiring especially on a hot day. 

You could ride a tricycle for P 8.00 per person should you still like to see the production area. If not, you can just buy your pancit miki at G.B Daza at P 45.00 each for a big pack. 

In Racelis, a big pack is sold for P 40.00 and a small pack for P 20.00.

Other famous native delicacies are:

Yema Cake, Cassava Cake, Pilipit, Lambanog and Nilupak. These can all be found in Calle Budin in Zone 2, Bgy. San Diego in Tayabas, Quezon link: here.

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